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Macy & Chloe
Macy & Chloe

These are the newest additions to our one-acre farm. Macy and Chloe are mother and daughter pygmy goats. Macy is the white goat at the bottom of the page and Chloe is the black one on top of the tarp and pallets eating hay. Chloe is smaller and more agile then her stout mother. Macy chides Chloe for climbing up to places where she can’t go.

My sister is the animal lover and does most of the studying for the animals we bring home. So I’m told that goats are escape artist but our goats haven’t tried to escape yet. We are still in the process of building them better shelter and fencing.

It is also said that goats are finicky and when it comes to their water they definitely are. They prefer to have clean water every day and would like to it fresh twice a day, not that it always happens! 🙂 When they weather is hot they like cool water and when it is cold they like warm water. If anything gets into the water trough they won’t even drink out of it.

Our goats are not milking right now but when they are we will be giving them extra grain help keep them healthy. Saturday night my mom and brother built a milking stand. It will be used not only to help us milk the goats but also to trim their hooves. A bin full of grain is placed at the front of the stand to distract the goats while working with them.

I always liked goats. I never really expected to have any and was surprised when we actually had these two in our van on the way home. They are fun animals to interact with.

Goats somewhat remind me of dogs but there definitely is difference. Our Dog, Esther, tried to become friends with most animals and people however she can not seem to get Macy to realise that she is friendly.

When I place my hand over the fence palm down Macy rears up on her hind legs and waits for me to push my hand up against her horns. She seems to get all excited, prancing around the pen for another round. If I don’t do it again then she plays the game with her baby.


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