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A Lesson From Dog Food

You know I’m not sure that dog food bags are designed right. They just don’t open nicely and I can’t seem to get a handle of how to pour the dog food out of the bag into the big popcorn tin! This morning I noticed the empty dog dish and went for the tin. It was empty as well, of course. So taking both tin and dish to the new bag of food I proceeded to open it in intervals of cutting open the bag with scissors and ripping away the paper.

Finally the bag was open! I lifted it up and started pouring it into the tin. At first it was fine then, there it was pouring all over the floor. “Great, Good morning Amber! Now you get to start the day off picking up 150 pieces of dog food off the floor,” I thought to myself. (Really I didn’t count it just felt like 150 pieces!)

The sound of food all over the place brought the dog out to join in the attempt to remove all her food from the floor. Anyway, she started off with a good breakfast!

Maybe next time I will scoop out the food instead of pouring it! 🙂 It may not be as fast but then I won’t have to pick it all up later.


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  1. Ha, ha! No, I’m not laughing at you; I’m laughing at myself. That completely sounds like something I would do. By the way has anyone ever figured out how to pull the strings that come on bags like that. I just end up making my fingers all red and defaulting to scissors.

    Comment by Tia Rose Hafler | June 11, 2009 | Reply

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