Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Monday all day

Today I was home most of the day by myself. So between dishes, laundry, a call or two to Mom, and sewing dresses, I was putting together supper and something special. It took me sometime to think of something until I saw one of those red, white, and blue jello desserts for the fourth of July. I like to do something dessert-ish when Mom and/or Dad go to work for the day. We don’t often make a dessert for ourselves to sit down and enjoy, that is what Sunday fellowships are for, at least in my mind. So it helps make the day special. 🙂

Usually I am with Mom but today Rebecca, my sister, went with her. However I know just how tired they can be when coming home from a day at the antique shops. Try as best I could, I still didn’t have dinner on the table when they arrived. Oh well. They came home late so I delayed in putting on the rice. In less then half an hour we were enjoying our meal, made mostly of left overs, although no one knew that. 🙂 Something else I like to do, make something from nothing. Doesn’t always work but it is fun!

Then after we ate I went out with Conner to help milk Cowgirl, now nicknamed Gabby*. There are two of us milking, at least at nights, because when Cowgirl doesn’t see anymore corn in her dish she will try to move the dish to shake the grain but she dumps it! So someone gets to hold the dish and someone gets to milk. Also Macy and Chloe still try to get into the milk station to eat the grain. Then we have to battle them. Silly girls!

Thus far we have had no trouble drinking our half a gallon of milk a day. Yesterday we ran out before the evening milking! We Love goats milk! At least Cowgirls milk. They say that some goats have different tasting milk or that the way they are milked effects the taste. Others say that it depends on what the goat is eating. I don’t know any of the answers to that but our milk is fine.

* We nicknamed her Gabby because she always cries when we go back in the house or leave her in any way. She quites down soon after.


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