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Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Risk Tuesday

Take A Risk and Take over the World
Take A Risk and Take over the World

As rain continued to fall most of the day the Weaver family kept most of there activities inside. Most of the morning the ladies sewed dresses and complete seven, well six dresses and a jumper.

Then for a more fun family activity we all decided to play Risk. If you have never played Risk then it is my guess that you have never taken over the world in one day\night. I think that I have but only once. In most cases I may the last one to win a game that we play. At the very beginning every0ne was oretty sure that Mom was going to lose. However South America took over the world and Mom conquered one after the other. Me, then Dad took out Conner, Mom took Dad, and then at the very end it was obvious that she was going to beat Rebecca so she let me play her out while she went to bed. So I got to watch as Mom took territory after territory from Rebecca\me. the best part is that it was fun.
For those who know that I am not partial to tea I drank green tea with pomegranate. We also had popcorn and pretzels. The most important part is that we had fun! So go play the game of Risk and have fun. Can you take over the world?

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