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Holy Bible

Whenever I hear or see the words Holy Bible it makes me think of some cassette  tapes we had as children. It was the first time I ever heard bible verses put to music. Even today I can find myself singing some of those songs and we haven’t listened to them in years. But when we did we listened to them over and over and over again. As children we loved them! An today they are fond memories. We lent one tape out and it was never returned but occasionally we find the others. Sometimes they get popped into the player and other times we’ll sing the songs.

Below is the link to the website.

In these tapes Holy Bible is a walking talking book that interacts with other characters in the story. He would be considered the main character. the tapes seem to follow one particular family.

Rebecca reminded me that we never had the Romans Road. So I can’t tell you a thing about that.

Holy Bible Goes To Battle was probably our favourite. Holy Bible is in the Christian’s battle helping other christians fight off the Devil so that they cvan share the gospel with lost people.

Holy Bible “Be” Attitudes was probably the one we know the best. Holy Bible tells about a family who got up late to go to an amusement park. He uses their attitudes to show what christians attitudes should be.

Holy Bible’s Christmas Story find a family seperated over the holiday season while Dad is away trying to find work. Holy Bible is found in a stuffy drawer and the story of Christ birth is told.


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