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Wet Saturday Fun

Usually Saturdays are not as fun as this one was. Partly because it was Independence Day and I attended a picnic. I haven’t been to a picnic on the Fourth of July since I was just a little girl. As I remember this one was way more fun.

We ate a deliciouslunch and played ultimate Frisbee. I never played this game before because I really didn’t know how. I’m not extremely good with a Frisbee either. I kind-of enjoyed the game.

Then we played a wet or not so wet, for some people, game of water balloon volley ball. This I have to admit I have never played before. Each team takes a flat bed-sheet. Taking hold of sides and corners, they use the sheet to launch the water balloons to the other team. They hope to catch it in their sheet or pay the consequenceof getting wet. It really was a lot of fun once we got used to it. We also used a bath towel and that seemed to launch much better.

There were several other water balloon games and in the end we were all well soaked. With the exception of the Moms, of course, who only ended up a little wet.

When we came home and milked the goat, Chloe got out of the fence. So we put her back in and Mom wanted me to watch her while she went and got some food for them. So when that goat jumped out again I took her back in and she went straight for the fence before I could catch her. She tried jumping over the fence and got her back leg stuck. Like anyone else she kept trying to pull it out. However that only made it worse! I yelled up to the house for Mom, actually it was more like a scream because I was scared the goat would really hurt herself. Mom finally came and we safely got her untangled. What an adventure! Chloe was limping a little ion her foot but not to bad. She probably be back to normal tomorrow. Silly girl can’t even wait a couple minutes for her food!


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  1. The water balloon volleyball game sounds like a good one to play after church some day when it’s very hot!

    Comment by Ginabean | July 6, 2009 | Reply

    • Just make sure everyone brings extra cloths! 🙂

      Comment by joyofdawn | July 6, 2009 | Reply

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