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Stand By God’s Man

Among our selection of music Cd’s is one produced by the John Marshall Family. Some of my readers may know of them. The CD we have is that of their 25th Anniversary. The song that always seems to come to my attention is the one titled “Stand By God’s Man.” (Along with several others.)

Starting off with the sound of waring voices the clear sound of trumpet rings through. It goes on to tell the account in Exodus 17 of Moses holding up the staff during Isreal’sbattle with Amalek. It’s last words of instruction are to stand by the man of God today. Hold up his hands and plan to stay you, are needed in the fight as they stand for truth and right.

Well with the CD popped in today I was again listening to this song. When first hearing it I wondered who is the man of God today. The answer was in the very next line, thosethat are standing only for the truth and right. Then I who was the man of God that I am to stand behind. Another song answered my question.

I may not have riches as some others may but I have a mother who knows how to pray and maybe there are something I’ve missed in my youthbut I have a father who stands for the truth.

I can stand behind my family because I know that my mother tries to do what is right and my father only stands for the truth.

The first song mentions about lifting up the Word of God and I know that nothing will ever bring the King James AV 1611 down in this home. It is something I am sure that I can stand firm on because it continues to prove itself right. I might not have all the answers or be able to counter all attacks but that Book is sharper then any two edged sword. God has all the answers I just have to ask, seek ,and be still, waiting for Him to supply all my needs.


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