Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Like Night and Day

Bob is a good night companion because he enjoys the night hours! 🙂 He is sooo cute romping around and rolling on the floor. Meowing and rubbing himself up against my legs while I sit at the computer. Sometime he will let me hold him but never for long.

Esther is the very opposite, at nine o’clock she is ready for bed. All curled up or sprawled out her eyes are closed hoping no one notices her lying there. Conner or I will call her to come to bed with us and sometimes she will just refuse to move. Either we let her lay or carry her up the stairs with us. Thus she becomes more or of a morning companion.

So not everyone is the same, at least in my house, there are many differences just in the animals. 🙂


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