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Home Alone

I’m not often at home all by myself. Yesterday I wasn’t either, Conner was there but he was all over the place. We still managed to have some fun though! 🙂

It was lunch time. We were looking through the refrigerate and cupboard for something to eat. We put a band the bread and trying to be inventive. Conner pulled out a turnip. He asked me how to fry it. I looked at him a little wary, then told him how to go about frying. I went back to washing up some dishes. Half way through frying he said, “Am, you’ll have to try some of this. It smells good.”

“Oh, great!” It did smell good but I wasn’t so sure it would taste as good.

Finished and on a plate, I let him try the first piece. Suddenly he stopped I thought , “He doesn’t like it.”

“Umm, it is good. Try it.”

I got a fork an looked at it, like it was a cooked snail. Here goes nothing. It was good! I added a little ketchup and that made it even better. Almost like a french fry… That was it I had an idea for supper.

I got on the computer, turnip recipes was typed into Google. There they were. Crispy “french fries.”

They are a substitute for low carb dieters. We have had plenty of low carb food in our house so I knew that it wasn’t necessarily bad. A lot of low carb foods are very good!

I continued down the list of turnip recipes. I found several that looked very good and printed them of. I decided to make the fries and a casserole. There were several recipes that had carrots but I didn’t have any of those at the time.

So I went out to the garden and pulled some turnips. Conner and I cut and peeled some. We made the two recipes and a batch of brownies that we added chocolate mint to. I popped the brownies into the oven because they take longer then the other two. I joked with Conner about ordering a pizza just in case our trial recipes didn’t turn out to be edible.

Conner and I continued doing what we had been doing. We both happened to be back in the kitchen again when we heard an odd sound. Conner looked into the oven and the bottom element was sparking. I turned off the oven.

There I was with an uncooked supper and half cooked brownies. My family would be home in less then half and hour. “See Conner I told you we should have ordered pizza.”

“We still can.”

So we called up Mom and after explaining everything she ordered the pizza. Conner paid for the pizza. (Isn’t he great!) It was the best pizza ever!

So if your home alone don’t risk burning the house down by using the oven. Just order a pizza! 🙂 🙂


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