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The Circle of Friends

Many times I write a story without realizing that what I’m writing is really  how I feel. One story I was writing was about twelve friends who had formed into a band to help those who were in need in their neighborhood. Originally there had been thirteen but a car accident had caused the death of a brother and the eldest member. It was\is a great story and still a work in progress! 🙂 At the time I didn’t realize that I was writing the story to make my own friends. I wanted friends so badly that I had used my story to make them. Once I read over some begining drafts and realized this I was amazed. I really didn’t know what to do. Then one day (actually it was night) I decided to pray and ask God for the friends I so badly needed. It has been awsome how He has suplied just what I needed at His own time, in His own way. Oh by the way my last total of friends was twelve but I’ve added some others since. Isn’t God wonderful!! The faith of a grain of mustered seed. Oh wonderous faith! 🙂


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  1. God is so good and faithful! I often have to remind myself that just because it doesn’t happen when I think it should doesn’t mean that it’s not necessarily God’s will…it may just not be His timing. And even when His timing seems like it may be too late, He never is late!!

    Comment by Rebekah | August 3, 2009 | Reply

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