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Lights Out

 The lights go out, now what…

Last year Dad brought home a Risk game. At first just him and my brother played. However it wasn’t long before all of us were playing. Then one night the lights went out. Everything was dead. The computer, the microwave, the oven, you name it if it plugged in it was out. We began to feel closed in an out of date. The sun set and the moon wasn’t very bright. We were bored to death!

The oil lamps were lite and I tried to read by there light but my mom and sister were having a fit. So I quite. Can’t read, can’t write, can’t draw… what can I do?

My family and I discovered that with enough candles and oil lamps we could play the game of Risk. So yesterday when the power went out all I felt like doing was playing Risk. We did, most of us. Dad and I stayed up late torturing ourselves with no internet. Then we played Parcheesi until after 11:30, drinking ice to keep us cool and hydrated. We finally went to bed. I carried a flash light just to see what it was like, not that I’m afraid of the dark. Too many games of tag after 8:00 pm had cured most of that. I thought that I should have some ghost stories to read under my covers but I was soon asleep.

The morning came and the electric was still out. I was suppose to go into the shop with Dad. He didn’t really want to go in and Mom was trying to find someone else to take our place. (It is hard to get around without running water.) My sister and I volunteered to go in. Are you kidding we thought, they have lights there and internet too! What girls won’t do for a little electric?!?! 🙂

Compared to some, I know we are blessed with what we do have but there is always someone who has or has had worse then what I’d imagine. Like someone living twenty miles out in the country for forty years without lights, running water, or heat. Can you imagine? Talk about primitive! That is scary! I’m not sure I could handle that very well. I wonder if they had the game of Risk… Never thought to ask. 

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  1. Our electric was out for almost 24 hours as well! I actually like it when electric goes out…nobody is on the computer or doing their own thing. they are together playing a game. I also like being creative to think of how to do things without the power….make dinner, get water, etc. I feel that it brings our focus back to what is really important. Although I did get a little nervous at the power being out so long…Was worried about the food in the fridge and freezer!!

    Comment by Rebekah | August 12, 2009 | Reply

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