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Crazy College Gal


 You never know who you’ll meet at Walmart…

Often times I find myself at Walmart just rushing through trying to get what I need and get out. That place can just get crazy and too mind boggling if your not careful! I always try to keep some idea of my surroundings, just so I know what is out there. (Maybe I wouldn’t run into somebody or I’ll recognize someone I know so I don’t seem like I am ignoring them.)

For me it is the people I meet that makes life’s simplest things so interesting. You just never know who you are going to meet. That always make a dull day exciting for me. Just imagine, that person might be…

Today took no imaging for me. I paid for my purchases and met Mom over at the beverage dispensers in the Subway section of the Super Walmart, which isn’t so super. She was getting coffee and cappuccinos, which is a rare sight in our household. Anyway, while there this gal comes up to get a soft drink. In her obviously natural giddy way she tells us that she is at Walmart to fill a prescription and has nothing else to do at Walmart. (Implying to us that this is why she was buying an Iced Tea from the soft drink dispensers in the Subway section.) She was in such bright spirits. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that we were buying coffee and cappuccino for my mom and dad. That was only because the electric went off last night and as of yet hadn’t come back on. So my mom hadn’t even had her first cup of coffee.

She soon had her drink and bade us a cheery “Hope you have a greatday,” before I could even think of what to say to her. Then we met her at the exit door and I was still trying to think of something to say to her when she told us that if we were worried about her being lonely at Walmart, that we needn’t. She had just found a friend and then she was headed out into the parking lot to fine whomever it was that she knew.

The rest of the day I couldn’t help but think of her. She had placed a smile on my face and I wonder who she was. What was her name? What is she doing in this little rinky-dink town? Was her iced tea good? Who was her friend? I wondered if she was a writer. What is her hobbies? Maybe she is someone important or maybe she will be. So, the question comes to me. Who did I meet today?



P.S. I assumed she was a college girl. I don’t really know that but since there is a college here and it is about to go in session…



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