Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Shower Power

Never make a decision without frst taking a shower and brushing your teeth.

Whenever I take a shower I find myself not only clean and refreshed but inspired and changed. My brain works with the sound of running water and when I’m immersed in it… That just makes it ten times better. If I really need to think about something and come up with some decision I’ll either think about it in the shower or totally drop the subject and relax in the shower. Of course them I’m thinking of other things! J If for some reason  if I don’t take a shower, I’ll sleep on the idea, but the shower is always better. J And I am there doing something… whatever the story happens to be doing with a waterfall.

I like to sing in the shower but I don’t like other people to know about it while I’m doing it! So I will either take a shower late at night when everyone is sound asleep or I’ll sing very softly. I find that this helps my brain work even more. I’ll let my mouth lip the words and concentrate on what my brain is thinking. So sometimes the song repeats itself over and over again or I find the song has ended and I don’t even know for sure if I ended it. The important part is that I and my brain had a great conversation and I’m ready to face whatever it is I needed to decide or have been inspired to do.

That is another thing. When I get out of the shower I feel like I can do anything. Like I am all set and ready. Often my next move is to bed but I find myself not ready to sleep. So I have the lights on writing in one of my many journals or jotting down some great idea or to do list. If I’m feeling convicted about something it is also my extra prayer and Bible reading time. How the Lord does speak! Even in the shower!

When my mind is in story mode I can’t often think of the shower as a water coming from a spigot. I like to imagine that it is a waterfall, somehow the water must magically warm unless of course it isn’t. =)


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