Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


Standing at the sink…

I let out a sigh, Dishes! Dishes again! Never ending, never letting up. Here they are again. Not just piled all over the counter tops but in the sink! What a horror!

Once you become the washer you will never stop. The dished will dance relentlessly upto the sink. They look at you laughingly. You stair back with a frown.

Nonetheless you roll up your sleeves and face them. First you complain, “Oh who stacked them in the sink again!”

“Don’t I keep saying to nicely stack them on the counter. You know plates on plates and bowls on bowls.”

Once the sink is cleared out the soap and water fill it up. The kitchen is yours. You are the master. What you say goes! It is in your charge.

You know that you will not only clean the dishes but you will clean up the stove and the kitchen. When your finished everything will look, feel, and smell better then when you arrived.

When your done you’ll throw in the towel and leave it to the next guy. Who will become not only the dish washer but the master of the kitchen.


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  1. Having fun yet? 🙂 I just gave up on telling people to stack the dishes. I find I can enjoy stacking them once I get into it. There’s lots to think about when your doing the dishes!

    Comment by Becca | August 22, 2009 | Reply

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