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First part of Antique Artist

         The heavy glass door of the Countless Treasures Antique shop opened with a slight jingle of bells. Amy glanced up from behind the counter and pasted a smile on her face. “Good morning!”
         The startled couple nearly knocked over an enamel watering can. “Good morning,” they replied almost in unison, their wrinkly old hands trying to keep the watering can from falling.
         Amy chuckled, “Don’t worry about that. It gets knocked over at least twice a day. I’ve told the owner that he should move it but… well he is a little stubborn.” She wanted to comment about old people being like that, however she didn’t think that would go over so well.
         As they continued through the store, Amy noticed how they still held hands and leaned close to each other to share something. They seemed to care for each other. It reminded Amy of a couple newly weds. ”How sweet, she said to herself. Then with a sigh she looked down at the counter.
         There set an ordinary pink piece of paper. On it Amy had started the of a young girl sitting beside a stream. It was supposed to be a picture of a tea party but it hadn’t turned out that way. Amy let the pencil lead her and create it’s own picture.
         Amy loved to watch the paper come to life. Each stroke added to the picture whether good or bad. It was like life everything one does is either good or bad, either way it adds to the rest of their life.
         “Oh Eddie, isn’t that picture beautiful.”
         Suddenly Amy’s world crumbled, she had been so concentrated on her drawing that she had completely left the universe. The sound of the lady’s voice had brought her back and now she blushed.
         “You’re quite the artist! Have you ever taken lessons?”
         “Only a couple through our home school group. The classes didn’t start until the later part of my high school years.”
“Do you plan to go to college?”
         Amy didn’t really like to answer this question. It was one of those things that many people really didn’t understand. “Well, not really,” She began to explain. All ready she could see that same odd expression, she’d seen from everyone, coming to the lady’s face. “I could go if I wanted to but I don’t feel that I should. My heart isn’t in it. I’m not sure I want to commit another four years of my life to schooling. I plan on studying and learning things at home. That way they can be exactly what I feel I need to learn.”
         “So you have decided not to attend a college because you don’t feel like going back to school but you’re going to study at home?”
         “Yes, something like that. My main goal in life is to become a wife and mother someday, opposed to getting a career. There isn’t much to learn at a college about that. However I find that the Bible is a great guide and the many books written on these topics that I can glean knowledge from.”
         The old woman seemed to be taking it in and evaluating it. She didn’t reply for several moments. “So not going to college has nothing to do with your religion?” She indicated to Amy’s head covering.
         Amy smiled to herself. This lady wasn’t quitting at the usual yes and no. This was like work. “No I am neither Amish nor Mennonite, I don’t completely understand all of their beliefs. My decision for the future is not based on what a religion would tell me.” This Amy knew could go into a whole other conversation. This lady seemed to be taking it all in okay, like she wanted to know something about her. That only made Amy wonder who they were.
         “Edith dear,” her husband interrupted. “We should get going. We are supposed to meet that man…”
         “ As always, your right.” She checked her watch and affectionately rested her hand on his arm. “We must be going. I have and appointment to go to. Thanks for talking with me!”
         “Sure anytime.”

Okay here is where it is about to change scenes. I’m not sure how to go about doing that. It is always one of my struggles. It just doesn’t seem to flow right. Should it be a new chapter? What do you do when changing scenes?


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  1. When I change scenes (at least for now) I usually just skip down a few lines and start a new one. You can always go back and make it transition better if you don’t like it later on. That’s the awesome part about writing your novel – you don’t have to leave it just as it is. You have the freedom to take things out, put things in, rearrange things – anything that enhances your story.

    On my first draft, I faced this problem a lot! When I re-read it, I was like, okay…I don’t need to know how my character brushes his teeth, what toothpaste he uses, that he puts it back into the toothbrush holder when he’s done…unless it adds to the story. People can fill in the gaps if you skip over information like that; you just have to make sure it’s not toooo jerky. They probably won’t notice what you leave out (unless you leave out important details) but they might notice if you leave too much in (just like I noticed on my draft). You’ll probably get a feel for it, the more scenes you write. I’m finally starting to.

    By the way, the detail about Amy’s head covering really grabbed my attention. With that one detail, I was like, hmmm…she’s not like everyone else, and I want to know more about her. Nice.

    Comment by owlandsparrow | August 25, 2009 | Reply

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