Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


When I write I find that my story is all condensed. All I have is pulp/action and conversation. Sometimes it is hard to see the liquid/flow. Characters are here and there doing this or that. It gets all muddled in my mind. I feel like I’m holding a can of concentrated frozen orange juice and I’m not sure how to add the water. Then when I do, am I adding too much?

How do I go about telling you (my reader) that Jadice was on her horse Lily riding on her mission to Mirshah? Do I describe the terrain? Do you really need/want to know about her horse? Otherwise she is here and then there. Yet there are days in between but how do I get the readers to see that without telling them? I don’t want to bore them with unnessasary details yet I do want then to get the picture of what the country of Rosevindel looks like.

Okay, I am sorry to share ideas of a story I haven’t share with you. I’ll have to make it up to you sometime and share a section of it. This is one of those stories that I have in sections yet I know the whole tale yet not quite how to tell it. I have the beginning and ending and parts of the middle written. I know where they go together at but I’m missing the pieces that put them together.

Oh another question! When you get done writing a story, perhaps you have even published it, do you ever get ideas that you could have put into it later or when you are done are you just relieved that it is done and don’t want to think about it anymore?

P.S. I didn’t do a good spell check this.


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