Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Add Water

Well, I got a break. I had the water I needed to add to my condensed story all along. It was reading other stories, “big music” as Dad calls it, and a viewing a dark starless night sky while helping milk the goat. It brought me to a place where the story and I connected.  I thought that what had come to mind was just another idea but what joy it brought when I found that it was just the spice\thing\water to add here. I love when pieces start fitting together!

Jadice’s story has been a primary story for me. It keeps running through my mind. When I get stuck,  I revert to writing out other ideas, like Amy, or reading, or just dropping it and helping peel potatoes or wash dishes maybe take a shower. Don’t worry I’m sure that I will be back to Amy soon. This break through will fade before I have a chance to fully capture it.

While cleaning a house all week, I thought that my mind and I would have some conversations. However we just couldn’t find a way to talk about stories. There was too many other things to think about and even though I wanted to think about stories I just couldn’t. When I got too depressed I just sang my heart out with one of the CD’s we were playing and put my mind to rest. The CD’s became my close companions and helped me to think that I was working with friends and enjoying myself. The truth was that after cleaning day after day my body ached. I felt like every muscle in my body had been used. I came home at night glad that the Lord had provided me with a warm house, food on the table, and a place to sleep. Because that was all I wanted. The last day came on Friday. We finished the house up, with the help of my sister, and went to enjoy the later part of the afternoon playing my violin with some friends. I was wishing there had been time to practice that week and that my eyes and mind would be rid of their tiredness and start to communicate with each other. I just couldn’t think! I relaxed and started letting my ears tell my fingers where to go, since my eyes were of no use, it helped some. However ears are no eyes that is for sure. I just let myself enjoy the time I had there whether or not I could play a single thing right. I also got to remind myself of something, that there were some things in music that I had wanted to study and had forgotten to. Sharps, Flats, Key signatures, and how to adjust music just so, all that fun stuff. 🙂

I guess in the end I had another thing to learn. Have faith in the Lord that He will bring to pass, all in His timing, all that He thinks should happen and just enjoy it as it comes. Whether it is cleaning a house, enjoying the company of friends, or writing a story while listening to some beautiful music. Praise the Lord for His mercy endureth forever! 

Each day is an adventure if I just look at it that way. Each day I learn something new if I just wait for it to come.


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