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I Should Have Known

Saturday afternoon my mom, sister, and I took a trip down to where we used to live to visit my Gram. Never fail the vehicle always breaks down during this trip, even though it is only like an hour and a half drive. To prove the point, the van broke down. This time we were lucky enough not to have a cell phone with us. 🙂

We had begun to hear this funny noise from under the hood when we were out with Gram earlier in the day. We were sure that it was this one belt. As to what the name of that belt was, well we had no idea. I figured we’d be fine and just have the guys look it over once we got home.

Going down the highway, I was trying to finish the book Eragon while Mom drove. The whole time she was listen to the van. Suddenly the belt went, with a new disheartening sound, we pulled over. I jumped out of the passenger seat, avoiding the guard rail, and just shook my head a the hood. There was no way I was touching it with all of that smoke coming out of there! I knew at that moment we’d be walking I look in both directions and frown. We’d have a good walk in either direction from the look of things. I went to grab my purse and  water bottle. Meanwhile Rebecca and Mom were looking at the front of the van, when Rebecca  called out, “I think it’s on fire.” I swiped the library book from the front seat and fled. Urging Mom and my sister to stand back as they kept moving closer to see if it really was on fire.  The smoke began to subside but by that time I was shaking like a wind blown leaf!

Finally we did open the hood and sure enough the belt was shredded. No matter what, we were walking. At least we knew the van wasn’t really on fire and it wasn’t going to blowup. I put my book back in the van. We decided to walk back the directing we came because the other way would have made for a much longer walk.

I couldn’t see the sun beyond the trees and the moon was not yet full. I only say one star in the sky. The walk was probably about twenty to thirty minutes, my Mom and sister are sure it was only fifteen. Of course I had left my watch at home. As we walked down the highway I realized that we were on an adventure and what a great blog post this would make! I was just relaxing and getting rid if my shakes when we found the on ramp. I was happy and delighted that we would soon be able to call Dad and get this whole mess sorted. Then I thought about the fact that Dad and Conner might still be out hunting or (depending on what time it was) milking the goat. What then?

As we walked off the ramp onto the road toward town a car pulled up in front of us. I was wondering if I should be releive that someone wanted to help or worried about whether they wanted to hurt us. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. God had gotten us safe this far surely He could get us safely home. It turned out that they were a couple of ladies who had seen us and our van. They had driven quite a ways before they could find a place to turn around and help us. They lent us their cell phone and then took us to a mini-mart/gas station.

We sat at a table and played tic-tac-toe and hang man. I looked around for a broom but I didn’t see one, even though they desperately needed one. It was an okay place to wait for Dad but I wouldn’t suggest it as a place to eat. There I was thinking about this adventure. Most people really wouldn’t think of it that way. They’d be upset and think that their night had been ruined. I was turning it into an interesting night. Perhaps an experience that I could avoid in the future. Like remembering the cell phone. 🙂

Dad came after what seem like forever. He brought his white horse in shining armor, which was really his red truck. We gave him a hero hug.

Back at the van I held the flash light so Dad could see the belt that was broken. He told me what the belt was but I can only remember the name sometimes, to spell it would be another story. Anyway, he couldn’t put the belt back on without tools that he hadn’t brought with him. Four people squeezed into the front of the truck and headed home.

I didn’t get Eragon finished until the later in the evening. However that wasn’t the point of my tale. God kept us safe the whole time and Dad got to be with his friends on Sunday morning to help him fix the van. It was a great adventure with a happy ending! Praise the Lord!

Oh, and one last thing! Mom was reading from her New Testament with the addition of Psalms and Proverbs. In the book of Psalms she happened to open up the chapter that talks about trusting the Lord. Whar a great God! What a interesting evening! Even if I did have to miss church the next day.


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  1. Wow, sounds like you had a busy day.
    Did you like Eragon? Tia and I listened to it on book on tape, I thought it was okay, not bad for a 16 year old author, but I wouldn’t ever read it again or finish the trilogy.

    Comment by Emily Hafler | October 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. Goodness, that’s quite the story. Glad you guys are okay and your car didn’t blow up. 🙂 I was wondering about Eragon, too – would you recommend it, and why/why not?

    Comment by owlandsparrow | October 8, 2009 | Reply

  3. When I read a book I have several reasons for doing so. One, for my enjoyment. Two, to learn what the author can tell me. Three, how the writing of the book can help me, just seeing how things are worded or learning how the story worked together.
    I personally enjoyed Eragon and so did my sister. I am eagerly waiting to go to the library and get book two. The interesting part of the series for me is that the author is homeschooled and is a younger author. The book has even been made into a movie. So that is what interested me.
    I also like Narnia and Lord Of The Rings both films and books. This series runs along the same line of adventure, at least that is what I think.
    So do I recommend the book. Yes! Of course, everyone has there own opinion. That is allowed. 🙂
    Maybe when I read the next book I’ll get to have another adventure! 🙂

    Comment by joyofdawn | October 8, 2009 | Reply

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