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‘Til My Arms Hurt

After I finished off the last of a book, read my bible, and helped Mom pull some stuff out of the junk room, I laid back down on my bed wondering what I should try to do today. There in the corner of my room a top my wardrobe sat my violin. I pulled it down and literally blew off the dust that had collected there. Amazingly it was still in tune. I began to play, scarring the cat down stairs! I did much better once  I started to play a song. Bob didn’t come back up and join me though but that was okay, he has no idea what good music is anyway! lol

After I began to play, I decided that I wasn’t going to quit until my arms started to burn or I was called away. Then I did a few excercises and turned back to my music. To be honest, I don’t really know a whole lot about reading music. Like most other things that I learn, I catch a little here and a little there, always with a lot of practice and hard work. So I played hymn after hymn. Some from sheet music, most by ear and memory. I had a blast! I started ‘The First Noel’ and pushed myself to the end as my arms began to burn.

I wasn’t ready to be done yet, so I started tutting on my recorder. Have you heard ‘Amazing Grace’ on a recorder? I love the sound of the recorder and the violin! With that thought, I like that sound of just about every instrument! After that I came downstairs and started on the piano. (I’m just starting the piano so I’m not very good at all.) Rebecca, my sister, has taught me how to play ‘The Drummer Boy.’ I have been playing it over and over trying to work out all the kinks.

Now I forced myself to sit down and get to writing. I’ve written a good sum so far today and rewarded myself with writing a blog post! Soooo… Here it is! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I did, got beat at Risk (again) but, hay, it was fun!


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  1. We’re gong to have to play risk sometime when you come over….

    Comment by Rebekah | November 30, 2009 | Reply

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