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Have A Dickens of a Christmas

Every year on the first weekend of December the weather here gets bitter cold. Without fail at the same time each year Christmas festivity is brought forth it an event called Dickens. They have vendor’s, christmas carols, food, entertainment, and horse drawn wagon  rides. Nearly everyone is dressed up in costumes of the era. What most don’t see is all the work that goes into each part of these activities!

I visited once a few years back and saw the pretty landscape and decorations. Smelled the odors of the delicious food. Watched the breath roll out of the mouths of people as they talked. Listened to the lovely carols played on brass instruments or sung by carolers. It really is quite unique.

I never would have thought about the work put into each detail. That is until I became part of it. First my sister and I made costumes. I never thought we’d finish them! However we did and we wore them. I ran around for a couple days in my Dickens’ cloak trying to get used to the gigantic sleeves and the flying cape. It was terrific, I love it! My family thinks I’m crazy but that is okay. (I love to see their odd looks and, not well, hidden smiles!)

So Saturday rolled around. I pulled on my gloves, not able to decide between the green or the white. Then buttoned the four cool buttons on my thick green cloak. Tied the ridiculous wide-brimmed bonnet over my white knit hat and paused for a picture or two before heading out into the cold weather to attend the Dickens event.

I wasn’t attending Dickens just to view the festivities that were taking place, although that been great too. I was there to be a part of them. All week I enjoyed watching people’s faces change to amusement whenever I mentioned what we were going to be doing. We were the “pooper scoopers,” as my sister puts it. I like to saw we were walking behind the horses. Our friend brings her goats to Dickens with these packs on the side called… well, I can’t remember what they were called. Anyway they were looped onto this saddle that was clipped around the goat. In them we had plastic bags that were put horse manure in. Really it wasn’t a bad job. The goats, named Ditz and Fluffy Puff, were more messy than the horses. Most of the time we just walked around with the goats. You wouldn’t believe how many pictures were taken. Next time maybe I’ll try to count. 🙂  This time I was just busy keeping a smile on my face! The newspaper even talked to us. I really hadn’t thought much about being something in the event other than helping my friend. People are so funny! I can’t even begin to tell you of all the things we were asked. When it began to snow at noon, I became very grateful for my wide-brimmed bonnet. As the snow came down all I had to do was turn my head a little and the snow never got to my face. I admit though that even with all the fun we had I was plenty ready to come home! My nose, finger, and toes were so cold they started to feel warm. I knew that wasn’t a good sign.

When I got home the first thing I did was change out of my wet cloths and made a cup of hot chocolate. Then called Mom on the phone to let her know we were home safe and to watch the roads while she traveled.

The link below is to the Williamsport, PA. Sun Gazette Newspaper. The girl in the white bonnet is Rebecca, my sister. (I don’t know what newspaper got our names. Never thought to ask until afterward. So I Googled, “Dickens Wellsboro” and found this pic.) | Purchase Prints, View Galleries, Upload Photos – Williamsport Sun-Gazette.


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  1. I love it! What a unique way of picking up after the horses! ^^

    Comment by Uninvoked | December 9, 2009 | Reply

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