Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


Two weeks ago I listed my second item on E-bay. A week later I changed the title and re-listed it. Yesterday I sold my first item on E-bay! I am more happy than I can say!

Dad has been on E-bay for many years and I have listed things for him but this was the first time I sold my stuff on my account! I packaged and shipped it today. Hope the winner likes it!

I have found that it is easier to list other people stuff. The reason being the same as following someone elses advise rather than deciding something for myself. It is just easier to follow then to guide. At least for me anyway. 🙂 So this has all been challenging, however very exciting! There is nothing like completing something by ones self!

I have still been writing, mostly on Monday mornings while I sit through my sister’s piano lessons. Right now I am trying to live my characters cloths. Trying to live there life and see things the way each character sees them.   

Other then that I am reading, T.A. Barron’s Merlin series. What I like the most about it is how he brings everything to life. From trees to unique critters I never heard of before. At the beginning of each book he is starting of with simple things, like water or eggs or wind. He makes it so vivid that it is like a camera is focusing on just that one thing. The amazing part is that tiny bit of nothing has a roll to play through out the story.

I read the “Sword In The Stone” before I read Barron’s books. I found it interesting how he took the smallest details, as well as the big ones, and sets them through out the series of books. When the tale ends everything will be in place for the things that come to pass in what we already knew about Merlin. Although the Avalon series is not entirely about Merlin, it is a great series as well.

Do I believe in magic? Do I believe that Merlin is real? Do I agree with everything that is in these stories? I think I’ll leave that for another night and a new post. Good Night Friends! …or should I say Good Morning! 🙂


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