Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


Weather + Website + Whatever =WWW and that is just what this post is going to be about.

The Weather is GORGIOUS here! I think Spring is here to stay. If it isn’t then this is a very terrible tease! 🙂 It has been soo nice out that my sister and I have been out for walks for the past two days. Dad and Con have done a great job cleaning up the outside of the house. Our goat is getting ready to have her kid any time. We keep getting calls for jobs and well, life is just about as good as it can get at the moment.

Then for the spoiler alert that I gave at the beginning of the post. If you didn’t catch it I’ll go on to explain. I started build a website!! Like everything else I’ve got going on the internet it is . I am excited about this. I’m not extremely sure what all it is going to have yet. Nonetheless it is started and running! Feel free to have a look around and let me know what you think!

As I mentioned earlier our goat is about to deliver. We are all excited! The baby monitor is set up and I can hear the rooster crow when we have it turned on. RE can’t wait to give the kid a name. Mom is making sure we have everything ready for when the kid is born.

After buying the potting soil and gathering the pots we are just about ready to start seeds for the garden plants! I can’t wait! A fresh tomato straight from the garden. Now wouldn’t that be grand! It seems to have been a long winter for me…

The dog is anticipating each move we make here in the house. Just waiting for someone to call her and tell her that she can go outside with them. On the other hand, the cat is going crazy with being spoiled…I mean…being lonely. With everyone out of the house he is here all alone. Poor boy and to think that his previous owner said he wasn’t a lap cat!

Now to help clean out the chicken coop ~>


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  1. Lol!! That’s my boy! Spoiled! For being a cat though you have to admit he’s pretty well behaved. He does have kittens on your bed and he hasn’t the rotten attitude Smudge had. (One thing I can not say was that he was better than good old George.)

    Comment by Rebecca W. | March 18, 2010 | Reply

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