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Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Challenge That Writing

The beginning of Spring has never been so distinct and beautiful to me before this year. There is so many new beginnings! Eight new healthy chicks hatched from our incubator project. Cowgirl had a healthy kid. The doe’s name is Oreo because she is all black and white.

The plants are coming up. I’ve put seeds in the herb bed. The weeds are being pulled, not today because it is raining.

I’ve had an exciting week. No, I’m not talking about the scraping with my Dad. Which was a lot of fun, only because I got to be with Dad. No, it wasn’t going out trash picking. Although that was a ton of fun too! Almost like a giant treasure hunt! What I meant was that two of my friends are going to have babies and another of my friends is courting! All that good news in one week, I was hyped up! Okay so I’m still hyped. 🙂

So what does that have to do with a writing challenge? Nothing. I’m just getting to that.

I was visiting Owl and Sparrow’s blog. Her post was about Merrilee Faber’s Creativity Workshop. So then I headed over to Merrilee’s blog to see what it was all about. Reading over it I decided to join the excitement and give the challenge a try. I’m excited to see what Merrilee shares with us. I want to see my writing improve. I hope that I can learn at least one thing in this venture and I’ll be satisfied. Her blog is

Now you will know what I’m talking about the next few months when I’m rambling on about a workshop/writing challenge. 🙂 Go on have a look at her blog and see what exactly I’m talking about. I’m off for now. Writing in the rain. (No really I’m in the house.)

P.s. By the way Mom put up her first blog post. That is at Plenty to read about while it is raining this Spring! 🙂


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