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Outside the Box

I’ve created a box. Never intended it to stay. Can’t wait to jump outside. That is how the Creative Workshop is supposed to help me. To move outside of the square, no … cubed box I’ve created. I like to explore, to see what is beyond the horizon. It is like walking through an old forest. First, I step off the dusty dirt path. Now I pick the hem of my dress up a little to wade through the weeds. The ground is a little uneven so I reach out and grab hold of a tree. The bark is rough against my fingers. I feel a moss growing along the trunk. Curious, I take a moment to look at it. I’ve seen this kind before plenty of times. Perhaps this isn’t so unfamiliar after all! I continue through the tall ferns. My foot bumps into something but not too hard. It didn’t hurt too badly. Pushing back the ferns a little, I find a large rock. No, it is more of a boulder. I wonder how it got here. Did someone roll it here? How would they manage it with so many trees around? Did God place it here during the flood?

Craning my neck, I try to catch a glimpse of what is ahead. There is a sound of trickling water. I’ve just got to see it! So I push ahead, crawling over the bulge of stone. It isn’t as smooth as it looked. I’ve scraped my knee and it is bleeding a little. I blow on it easing the pain to a sting, then keep moving. A scratch isn’t going to keep me from my goal but it still hurts. Wading through the weeds once more I stumble into something else, catching my balance on a tree before I fall. I’ve passed the hindrance before I knew what it was. I don’t want anything to stop me now so I rush on. The trickle of water is more of a flow. Prehaps it is a creek or river!

The weeds have cleared a little. Still, I don’t see the stump until it is too late. Crashing to the ground, my eyes filled with tears. I wanted to cry out but there wasn’t anyone to hear me. Instead I pick myself back up, whip away the tears, and keep moving. I’m limping a little now. It doesn’t matter because I’ve found the source of the water. It isn’t a creek or even a tiny stream of water. No, it’s even better. It is a water fall! Cascading down rocks and through grass, I love it no matter what the size. For a while, I’m content to watch the clear liquid bubble down. Joy fills me and I’ve a glimmer of hope inside. There is more to see so I mustn’t stay forever.

That is when I find myself on the path again. The path of staying-inside-the-box. When I’m on that path, I’m using what I’ve learned but I’m not moving to see what else there is to learn.

The rocks, bumps, and stumps are the struggles I have in writing while I’m finding new territory. I climb over or smooth them out. They sting and hurt for a while yet somehow I find a way through. Sometimes a friend gives me the encouragement I need to keep me from quitting. The ferns and tall weeds are the unknown that I’m wading through. They are the doubts that I have to push aside. The fears I must leave behind.

Lastly the waterfall is the new lesson I’ve learned about writing. It is the wall or corner of my box. Once I find that boundary I like to sit and view it for a while before I push my way past it.

Writing is fun, an adventure, and a path to the outside world. Amidst all the rambles I find out new things about myself that I would never have known before. Through writing I’ve met a whole new group of friends and a common interest with old friends.

The Creative Workshop is going to help me with my set of goals, I hope. 🙂 It is going to be one long adventure. A big set into my world of unknowns. At least I hope it is. That is the plan!

My goals are:

  1. Male leading character. This seems simple enough right? My sister and I have talked about this before. All my main characters are females. When it is a male there seems to be a female taking the role with him. So in one of the short stories (at least one) I hope to write a male main character.
  2. Vile evil villain. I have bad characters in my stories although none of them are extremely bad. There is always some point where they could be good. They don’t like to be very mean.
  3. No more happly-ever-after. I can’t think of any of my stories that don’t have a happy ending. Everything always works together in everyone’s favour.
  4. Sci Fi. I would like to write some science fiction. I have never been able to get any to work out. Only bits and pieces of ideas lying around waiting for me to figure out what to do with them.
  5. Vocabulary. I tend to use the same words over and over again. I used a little word play in the paragraphs above. I love to use new words, I don’t always feel like I have the time to look them up. I want to write out what is on my mind and forget about variety. I’d like to see new words being used more often in my writing.
  6. Emotion. Characters are supposed to have this? (That was a stab at sarcasm.) My characters all tend to have the same feeling and emotions. There is very little difference between them at times. This one is going to take a while.
  7. Home sweet home. Home is one of the most beautiful places on earth. So why don’t I write more about PA or the U.S. in general? I’m off somewhere else creating new worlds all the time. There is plenty to create right where I’m located. This is going to be fun!

I’m sure there are more explorations I could take. Maybe if I think of them I will add them later.


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  1. Writing is indeed a fun adventure and the goals you have set for yourself sound interesting. Enjoy your next project!

    Comment by A Joyful Chaos | April 28, 2010 | Reply

    • Welcome to my blog!
      Thank you for the encouragement!

      Comment by joyofdawn | April 28, 2010 | Reply

  2. Good analysis Joy, and I loved your introduction. Now that you’ve identified the issues, narrow it down to three that you specifically want to tackle over the workshop. Think about which ones bother you the most, and which ones have boxed you in 🙂

    Comment by Merrilee | April 28, 2010 | Reply

  3. Thank You!
    Now on to deciding which three. ummm….

    Comment by joyofdawn | April 29, 2010 | Reply

  4. I’m absolutely with you on the vocabulary thing. On one hand, I don’t want to throw in words that nobody understands, but on the other, well, I just keep repeating myself! And that goes for my characters’ actions too – they’re always sighing and nodding and raising their eyebrows. Must try to rein that in a little… 😉 Good luck deciding on your final three goals!

    Comment by Davina Pearson | April 30, 2010 | Reply

    • Yeah, Thanks! I love finding new words, that won’t raise ones hairs! 🙂

      Comment by joyofdawn | April 30, 2010 | Reply

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