Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

I tried something new!

“My hands hurt.”

“Then why are you writing?”

“Because I have so much to say.”

“Like what?”

“I tried something new today. Thanks to a wonder Dad and Mom and an awesome brother I have never had to use a push mower. Well, that was until today.”

*Eyes narrow suspiciously.*

“Okay so you’ve got me. I’ve never used a push mower because I was afraid to do it.”

New things, unknown things, scare me. However I’m easily persuaded upon need. If it is necessary I’m more likely to try it. There are those occasions of course when I feel extra adventuresome.

Anyway back to my point. I helped Dad with his lawn care jobs this afternoon. When he first asked me to run the push mower, my mind said no way. Then deep inside something else said, “Just try. We can do this.”

“Yeah I’m nineteen I can run that thing.” It  was harder than it looked but it was manageable. At first it felt more like the mower was pulling me. Then Charlie and I finished up the first yard no problems. Yup I named the mower. 😀 It was creative I know! Really though it seemed way better than talking to Lawn Mower.

After the first lawn Dad and I stopped home for a bite to eat. Let’s just say after lawn two I had a better understanding of landscape. Now I know why people turn hills into flower beds. 🙂 By the way, that is a great solution for those killer hills!

On the way home I was looking at the world in a slightly different light then when I had left. So not only did I try something new today, I learned something new too.


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  1. Rototiller is next. 🙂

    Comment by Dad | May 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. Haha…your not serious

    Comment by joyofdawn | May 10, 2010 | Reply

  3. What are you going to name it, Am? Lol! 😀

    Comment by Rebecca W. | May 11, 2010 | Reply

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