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Productivity. Or Not – Week 2

Goal 1.

Sci-Fi with a male main character.


  • MondayI want to write my heart, mind, and soul out on paper for fifteen minutes. Thus I can free myself of everything I have going on of any ideas wondering around. I hope this will also help to get me focused on where to direct the story of the week.
  • Daily- I want to spend at least an 1/2 hour each day in writing. I should be able to do at least an hour most days.
  • TimeThat block of writing I will not be looking at blogs or have Facebook open. E-mail will not distract me because I am WRITING!
  • Page- I mostly write on notebook paper. Thus I don’t know my word count. I’m going for one college rule notebook page front and back before I consider myself finished for the day. It is usually more than that if I get on a good idea.

    This is how it went. I had no ideas for this story. I’ve never written science fiction or had a main character be a man. It proved to be harder than I anticipated. Which was fine…well kind of. I don’t really have a short story but I do have a great idea for the making of one. It took me the first three days before I could really get to work on this project. Not at all to my liking. I plan to continue working on it. I enjoyed the challenge this provided and am anticipating my next science fiction, which I have a few ideas for now!

    My scheduled week went just as it would have but not as it should have. Everything happened that shouldn’t have and I was busier then expected. This was okay because it gave me plenty of time to sort through possibilities. Actually if life hadn’t got in the way I would still be digging up ideas. I did get my fifteen minute interval on Monday to just write whatever came to mind. As I expected it proved to be a great help. There was plenty of time alloted me for writing. Unfortunately quite a sum was taken up on idea searching. There were no distractions during my writing time. Partly because I hid in my bedroom or wrote while traveling. Page amounts are unmeantionable…ahem…I’d rather not say. We’ll talk about that next week. 😉

    I’m excited about starting my next goal. Tomorrow is Monday and I’m waiting until then to decide which point of view I write. Perhaps it is the villain or perhaps the prey.


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    1. Well done, Dawn. It can take time to get comfortable with a new genre. Glad you will be going back to it after the workshop 🙂

      Comment by Merrilee | May 17, 2010 | Reply

    2. Yeah, at least you have an idea to work with later! Some weeks are just like that. Hopefully your days will be more conducive to writing this week! Good luck! 🙂

      Comment by owlandsparrow | May 17, 2010 | Reply

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