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An It Is Thursday… -Week 10

Goal 9/10 With no place like home my goal was to write a story based around the house in which I live.

This was tricky for me to limit myself to. I kept wanting to adventure to the realms that didn’t exist. I’m used to making places up as I go. I can always add a new mark on my map. Here there is a major limitation. I want this challenge. I want to learn to work with these kind of limitations. Not having gotten far with this story I am going to come back. It will have to be in the winter when life slows down long enough for me to really think about what is around me.

The feeling of learning something very beneficial to me and my writing has crept up. Monday came around and I’ve begun my next goal. (I’ll tell you of that in my next  post.) Once the Creative Workshop is over I am going to be limiting myself to certain areas I know. Even if it is throw-away-work I have this feeling that these limitations are going to help me with my other writing.

P.S. Sorry this post is so late! Thought I put it up already. I had started it Sunday afternoon but here I am Thursday morning…

P.P.S. Oh, and this is goal 9 week 10. Somewhere along the lines I mixed things up.


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  1. Wonderful, Joy. I’m so glad you are learning and growing in your writing. Limits can be freeing, even though that sounds like an contradiction. Keep going!

    Comment by Merrilee | July 17, 2010 | Reply

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