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Out Of The House -Week 12

Goal 11.

Write from where I grew up.

This was probably one of my favorites. I escaped the house and sat in the grass the way I used too. It was like finding my younger self again. I wrote a memory an idea spun from there. However it wasn’t put to paper. It has been playing out in my mind. Like it is dangling almost in reach but not quite. It almost seemed like the world slowed down everything was in slow motion …until I looked at the clock. 🙂

I think the most distracting thing, besides writing class preparations, was the fact that my mind didn’t want to let me write that story. It is working out this weeks story. I think it is going to be set back in time which I have had little practice with before. There is excitement building up! Can’t wait to sit down and work it out on paper!

I’ve been reading a book that is very helpful to me right now. Fiction Writer’s Workshop by Josip Novakovich. Not only is it reminding me of things I forgot but it is showing me new things. I haven’t been working on the exercises he has written. There has only been time for reading since I’m using it to help prepare myself for teaching. Notes are helping me to retain what I’m reading.

The challenge this week; put more story on paper then I did this past week. The schedule says, “Alert life interference!” I’m putting in ear plugs and posting a “Do not disturb” sign on my bedroom door. Think it will work? 🙂 It is my last week of the workshop! 

I’m going to write. I’m going to write. Im going to write. I’m going to write.


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  1. Good luck, Dawn! 🙂

    Comment by Merrilee | July 26, 2010 | Reply

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