Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


I went deep down into myself. To many words and sentences that lead to paragraphs of seemingly nothingness. So I struck out on my next adventure, preparing for a creative writing class.

What an adventure it has been!

I read and read and did a little more reading. The whole while I took notes. Somethings I had known were confirmed or once again brought back to memory. Then there was all the new things I hadn’t thought of before.

My nerves were wearing me down. The more I studied for lessons the more I just wanted to drop all my writing. I had a commitment to keep.

Canning season came and drowned me. For a few days I let go of everything and came out of my burrow. Only to fall back down in.

I turned twenty on Friday. My friend got married on Saturday. Classes started on Monday. There was two things that went through my mind. One, I actually feel older. Two, my second grade dream finally came true. It wasn’t how I’d imagined it sitting in a public school room. Nonetheless I was the teacher I’d always known I’d be. Well, I imagined myself as an art teacher. Writing is a kind of art right? 🙂

So on a scale of one to ten, one being the worst and ten being the best. I figure I was an eight with my first set of classes. Not too bad for day one right?

This week I’ve turned back to the books with a new vigure. I’ll be ready next week! Worksheets, homework, and enough talk and read to keep me going for the hour and twenty minutes of class.

I figure if I’m not willing to do the work I can’t rightly send them home with it. So I’ve been doing the same homework assignments. With NaNo coming just around the corner, I’m hoping to be slightly more prepared this year. Practice makes perfect, or as best as can be had.

I’ve surfaced from my burrow for the winter! Now back to writing!


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  1. Hi! Happy [late] birthday girl! And thank you for your comment on the pot holders 🙂


    Comment by Amber | September 23, 2010 | Reply

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