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In A Few Hours

At 9:30 I’m reading blog post and saying good-bye to my normal life. I’m in search of a fantasy. One I’ve been concocting for a while. Now I’m finally ready to put it all to paper. The last pieces are falling into place. (Let’s just hope my MC doesn’t decide to change things on me.) 🙂 If you haven’t guessed I’m joining the NaNoWriMo craz. An I can’t wait.

I’ll be captured by dwarves, spied on by vultures, taking long journeys, visiting deserts, riding horse-back through ancient forests, finding relatives among the elves, and oh so much more. Well, my MC will be. 😉 I’m starting the tale before my MC is born. That way I have the back ground info to keep me in place. (The next draft I’ll work on cutting it into the story.)

It is the story of a princess with an unknown past. I’ve thought for a long time about why and how she doesn’t know. Recently I think I’ve found the solution.  A war sets her on a dangerous mission. In the end she has to face her worst fears.

At least that is the way it looks now… We’ll see come December. I’ve never written a fantasy before. This is new for me. I’m excited and I can’t wait to start writing!

Now off to get a good sleep and make sure I know where to find the hot chocolate!


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