Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

NaNo Day 4,5,6

So my updates are a little on the delay. Sorry!

I’ve got a lovely extra hour this morning …since I didn’t turn my clock back.


I attended a baby shower! It was lovely. Her baby is due Nov. 26! So everyone got her nice and warm clothes her keep the baby in! Thankfully I had a card already made!

Tried to write on my way to the shower. My mind kept going blank. As I draw closer to the part of the story I am more familiar with I get easily distracted. I want to jump to it. I keep having to set myself straight and make my pencil write where I am at.

I’ve concentrated so hard that I forgot to let the story flow. Describe where I should and just let it flow. Knowing things is easier than applying them. That is my lesson for the week.

So I didn’t get very much writing done.

Hot Chocolate count: 3


I started off great! Writing just after I woke up in the morning. Mom was going to be gone for a few hours in the morning. I’d hoped to surprise her by sweeping and mopping to floors. No, I wrote until she came back. I swept and mopped anyway.

I wrote later and grabbed my chance to write in my word count when Dad and my brother returned from their men’s bible study. (Distracting Mom!) Thankfully NaNo wasn’t lagging too bad because I barely squeezed it in on time!

This wa about the lonely princess being raised by herself in an empty castle. She has become a little spirited. Loves horses. (I know nothing about horses!) Reads for pleasure. And as may seem rather odd for a princess, knows how to cook. The king isn’t home much these days, so she has to have something to do!

I ended with the recounting of the history of their home. Which I haven’t quite completed. I had an idea if how they might have gotten their but I’d never written it out before. I’m making it up as I go. You know even more pieces are falling into place!

Hot Chocolate: 3


It was rainy. I mean all day rainy. Which was just fine with me! I thought I’d be able to write most of the day. Haha wrong. I  did manage to get my word count to 6, 302! Not exactly where it should have been.

I’ve told much of what the runaway prince has been up to. Leading up to the original plot of the story. I’ve told myself not to rush things and don’t start writing the original story until next week. First 10,000 words are to be back ground info that folds into the story, upon revision that is.

Hot Chocolate count: 2 !


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