Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

NaNo Day 9


The last day with that zero in front of the day. After this it is double digits!

I’ve been using left overs for dinner. On the 8th I made a dish with rice, sauce, and sausage. It was good but a little too much spice. That might have had to do with the dash of crushed red pepper in addition to the cup of ground sausage… sorry guys. So on the 9th I made another left over combo. I took the remains of the rice dish, the spaghetti( from a couple of days ago), added some chopped chicken, a little sauce, some salsa(!!), half a pouch of taco seasoning, two dalups of sour cream, and what was left of a package of cream cheese. Heat it up and serve over crushed taco shells (which were broken anyway.) Sprinkle some cheese on top and yum! I was a bit worried but it smelled wonderful! It was one of those recipes I’ll never be able to repeat exactly the same. 🙂

As I mentioned in the last entry I stared typing on the new laptop! My word count is at 9,140 words. Oh, I forgot to mention that this thing has these awesome Post-It gadgets! (They call them Sticky Notes.) I’m just loving them! They work for all my multi-tasking needs! Yeah!

Back to the story. I’ve done some jumping around. It gives me something to write in my notebook when I’m not able to use the laptop. I’m also able to work from different angles. If I get stuck and need time to think I can keep working on other section. The run-away prince has done a lot of growing up. As has the lonely princess. They have finally met each other but she doesn’t know who he is yet. It was a pretty rough meeting and I completely expected it to happen a different way. Fortunately they have worked things out between each others. (They act like brother and sister before it is even supposed to be known they are. Hum.)

 The bad guy has started his corrupting. As usual, no one can yet see the bad influence for what it is. The one character who might be able to have done something about it was released of his duties without a direct order. It was just obvious that a certain someone didn’t want him around anymore. He is faithfully working behind the scenes to help bring people together for me. It can be difficult to bring people to where I need them, WHEN I need them there.

Hot Chocolate count: 8! Oh, it has been good! Made with warm milk!!


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  1. Hello, Amber! (That’s still kinda weird to write, hehe =)

    Thought I’d say hi! I enjoyed reading your post. Mmmmm, I am getting so inspired (& hungry!) reading about cooking food & such. I’m getting more desirous!

    Sweet blessings to ya, Sweet friend!
    -Amber 😉

    Comment by Amber Noella | November 12, 2010 | Reply

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