Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

A Poem

I dabble, only a little in poetry. Usually I don’t share it but every poem has a special meaning. Only once did I write poems for the sake of writing them, that was a school assignment. Every time I write one I find it turns out differently then what I expected. So here it is…

Of Writing

Blankly I stare at empty page,

  Knowing I’m no kind of mage.

There is doubt and fear,

Yet I will not shed a tear.

Can I express my deep distress?

  Even while I’m the mistress,

Ideas come and go.

   Yet this my pen will not flow.

What story do I have to tell,

   That would persuade you to sell?

Or reader to read?

   Yet the tale give me to lead.

– Amber Dawn Weaver

So I know this is not NaNo but I couldn’t help it. My sister will go crazy since I am now in a rhyme and rhythm mood! I need a poem for my current project but I haven’t found it. Thus this little bit of play to get me in the swing of it. Perhaps I’ll get a poem going after all!


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