Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


It is 11:30 pm and I’ve just drank a Yoohoo!  (I can do that because I’m twenty AND    I’ve been working on my Nano! 🙂 )

Daddy saved my day!

I know it is full of nothing good for you but well, it is just the best! High fructose corn syrup, whey (which might actually have some value for you if it wasn’t pasteurized,) partially hydrogenated soybean oil that being only three of the lovelies  in this box! In its behalf there is Vitamins B3, D3, and B2. 🙂 If those can help persuade you in any way…

Quite a long time ago, but not too long since I’m only twenty. My daddy ran a pharmaceutical delivery route.  Sometimes he would take me with him. It was the best day ever! Because I got to hang out with Daddy all day long. What could a daughter want more!?

There was this one stop early in the day, about around breakfast time I’d guess. Without fail they’d have a Yoohoo there for me. One of the people there loved to drink them. I remember the feel of the cold glass bottles, just out of the fridge. 

In the summer, condensation would build up on the outside and I could trace my name on the wet surface with my finger. In the winter I would toss it from hand to hand until it was warm to the touch.

The best way to drink them is cold! Occasionally I’d let the last swallow in the bottom until half way through the day. I always chided myself because by then it was warm and not so good. I can remember the feel of the metal cap against the metal sealing ring as the separated.

To this day nothing can beat a Yoohoo! Nice cold chocolate flavored drink…

 Thanks Daddy for saving my day!


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  1. My pawpaw always had them when I was little. ALWAYS, I loved them too. They were better then just regular chocolate milk! I have warm memories of drinking yoohoo when I was little

    Comment by Riah | November 21, 2010 | Reply

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