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A Tale Of Three Kings

This book by Gene Edwards stays on my list of favourites. No matter how long that lost gets. No matter how many books I read, this one is one I often find myself turning back to.

The title first made me think it would be about the three wise men who came to Jesus after His birth. No, there is a good book on that too but this one is about the first three Kings of Israel. The cover says this book is ‘a study on brokenness.’ The author didn’t think the book would go far. It is a small chapter book of 101 pages. Dad says it is a good book to read in a day.

I’ve read it straight through a time or two. Nonetheless I don’t mind opening it up and reading it from whichever page I find myself. At times it has found a way to encourage me. Mostly I think I like it because it brings the story of Saul, David, and Absalom to life. The story hinges on David.

Tonight what struck me was that those three men were different only by one thing, the choices they made. The way their lives turn out was of their own making. God was there for each of them. They chose whether or not to accept His will.

Thus we all have choices. Do we choose to follow God or find or own path? Following God isn’t easy, just might find yourself alone in a dark cave. (Ask David.) Then again our own way can make us go mad. (Ask Saul.) Or worse find you hanging from a tree at the mercy of your enemies. (Ask Absalom.)

God promises to always be there for us. Sometimes we have to reach out to find Him.

If you ever get the chance I’d encourage you to read Gene Edwards A Tale Of Three Kings.


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