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When I’m Ready

A found a tiny bunny in the garden tonight. I was pulling weeds away from the little herbs that have started to show their identity. Then all the sudden I saw a movement along the line of hay surrounding our garden. (One of Dad’s new ideas…) At  first I thought it was a mouse and was about to stick the dog on it. For a second I saw its face as it dashed into the garden. Of course I went and picked it up! 🙂 Yes I know your never ever supposed to do that.

It was only the size of my palm and was it scarred! My hands smelled like dirt which I’m sure was only a teeny-tiny reassurance. When I lifted my hand away from its face it would jump and try to scurry away. Up my shirt wasn’t a very good way to go… So after I showed it to the family, I took it back to the garden but down at the bottom where the raspberry plants are and where we let the grass grow tall. With one last look, I let it go. One large hop and I knew it was gone. Survival it up to its self. Maybe I’ll chase it away from our vegetables this summer. Maybe I’ll stick the dog on it then, but I’ll have no way of knowing if it is the same little guy I found this evening.

It reminds me a little of how life is for me. God seems so big that I shy away. I can’t talk to Him! He is too good. I lack so much. (Nothing like the fear that little guy had to endure.)

Yet His goodness faileth never. He picks me up strokes me and sets me back down in a safe place. Always He waits to see if I’ll follow Him. He can’t lead unless I follow. If I try to walk on my own He leaves me that chose. Nonetheless He always remains there to pick me up and hide me in His hands. He waits for me to stop skittering away. When I’m ready He leads and I follow.

My Father knows best and I trust in His care.

*if this makes no sence to you at all that is okay. It makes sence to me tonight… maybe not tomorrow or next month. Still learning to listen to Him and let Him have control of what He gave me.

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  1. I found a little baby bunny in our yard last year when I was cleaning rocks and stick out of our yard before I mowed. It was napping in the shade of our house and so cute! I did wonder later if he/she was responsible for eating all the leaves of our pepper plant though…

    Comment by Mariah | May 23, 2011 | Reply

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