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Character Interview

I was blog reading and found this really cool post with a Character Questionnaire/Interview. Thanks to my friend I ended up blog surfing to a few
other blogs reading their Character Interviews. It was a lot of fun! Great
personality views from each character! Now it is my turn to write out an
interview. Always like a new angle to get to the heart of each character.

Here are the rules:

 1.) Choose 3 of your

 2.) Make your Characters
answer these questions

 3.) Tag 3 other

 (So far these rules have been changed my almost every blogging writer I’ve read today. I’m going to
continue the cycle… These are the original rules {as far as I know.} My play on
this is five characters and I’m not going to tag anyone… if you want to play
along feel free!)


Interviewer: Hello everyone! Let’s introduce ourselves and get to know
each other a little better, shall we?



Abigail Marie Smith

James Samuel Davis

Interviewer:  *clears throat* and you would be?

Frick Waite

 Interviewer: Good, good, on to the first question then.  Do
you want a hug?

                Josias: Seriously? Maybe at the point where the author is rewriting
right now, but no.

                Jadice: No, not really interested.

                James and Abigail: (at the same time) Why not? *look at each other and laugh*

                Jadice: Just not my thing.

                Josias: *shrugs*

                Frick Waite: *whips out a magnifying glass and inspects it.”

Interviewer: We will just move along then. Do you have any kids?

                Abigail: Are you kidding? I just started high school.

                James: Not even thinking about that yet.

                Jadice: My father would like that but no.

                Josias: *Silence*

                Frick Waite: *continues gazing through his glass.*

Interviewer: Alright
then, have you killed anyone?

                Abigail: *Mouth drops open
in astonishment*

                James: *chuckles* No Abigail and I are part of a group of teens who tries to help people out. We’d rather give people a second chance then kill them. Although there does seem to be this one guy who seems to come through time and space…

                Abigail: Careful! He could be listening in.

                James: During our interview? *looks skeptically*

                Abigail: Think about all the things he’s found out about us already.

                James: Hummm… *frowns doubtfully*

Interviewer: Anyone else? *Looks directly at Josias*

                James: *pulls his cloak around him tighter.* What do you care? People die in battles. It is either you or them.

                Jadice: *very gently* I think she means besides battles. *glances at the interviewer*

Interviewer: Doesn’t matter. *says indifferently*

                Frick Waite: You can all quite looking at me! I solve murders not commit them! I could tell these two were fighters from the moment I saw them. *He motions toward Josias and Jadice beside him.* As for you two, well you’re the most confusing pair of beings I ever did see. With an exception… *settles back in his chair and fixes his eyes on Jadice.*

                Jadice: *subconsciously checks her hair to make sure it covers her ears.*

Interviewer: Love anyone?

                James: *Examines his hand like he’s never taken a close look at it

                Abigail: *blushes* Like in…

                Frick Waite: They like each other and don’t want to admit it. Your both so obvious. Let me tell you, take the chance while you’ve got it, life doesn’t last forever.

                Jadice: It is complicated.

                Josias: *Turns to Jadice* Oh?

                Jadice: Maybe… toward the end… it isn’t on paper yet.

                Josias: *smirks* anything is possible then. The ending is so vague.

                Jadice: Not that you’ve been much help moving it along with all the mopping your doing in this rewrite.

                Josias: Your turn is coming.

                Jadice: *opens her mouth*

Interviewer: Please boys and girls! Mr. Waite, any love life?

                Frick Waite: Oh! Not you too! Everyone makes fun of my name! It isn’t fair. It isn’t my fault I’m a comparison experiment. What would happen if the story went this direction instead and he met this person? How about it I move him to a town? Our author just isn’t right. She gets these ideas… Like anyone needs an alternate universe of themselves!

Everyone: *awkward silence, glances around the area*

Abigail: Watch your words mister! She could be listening in… I’ve
been sitting on a shelf for way too long! I don’t want to find myself in the
garbage pile. From what I’ve seen of your story, you’re only a spur of the
moment idea scribbled into a notebook full of others just like you.

Everyone: * remains thoughtfully silent*

Interviewer: This
next question looks safe. What is your job?

                Abigail: That is easy. Like James was telling you. We are part of a group of teens from our high school who try to help people. In the process we helped this man who gave the twelve of us identical rings. It kind of became a really neat symbol.

                James: Ever since then we have been going on these really strange adventures.

                Peter: Tell them about the space ship.

                Rose: The runaway princess.

                Julia: Or about ending up on a ship during my birthday party.

                James and Abigail: *whirl around in their chairs*

                James: Guys, not now… You’re not a part
of this interview!

                Daniel: Well, it isn’t fair. We’re a
team, pals, the Survivors! Somehow you two always get all the attention.

                Peter: Author’s pets!

                James: Guys, we’ll talk about this

                Peter: Yeah, whatever.

                Abigail: Please. It isn’t our faults.
We didn’t do anything to deserve special treatment. We can make it up later.
Besides this has nothing to do with the author.

*The expanded party vanishes*

Josias: What was that all about?

James: Not everything is perfect on our world either.

Frick Waite: Told you they were an odd pair! Space ships… Really!
*shakes his head in wonder*

Interviewer: Let’s
try to stay on topic and not have too many interruptions from the uninvited,
shall we?

                Frick Waite: I’m an
investigate detective.

                James: Don’t all detectives

                Frick Waite: Humph! A lot you know…

                Jadice: I’m a king’s daughter. I’m
trying to prevent a war and not wind up marrying a man who is in love with someone
else. Our parents just don’t seem to get it!

                Josias: I’m the unwanted son of a king.

                Jadice: *interrupts* That is to be

                Josias: You wouldn’t know. You were
just born when I left home.

                Jadice: Things didn’t change that much
at home since you’ve been gone. Anyway tell them what you’ve been up to since
you became a wondering rogue prince.

                Josias: I’ve been avoiding people and
lending a hand at preventing a war which I know will happen.

                Jadice: That isn’t on paper. *she
glances around*

                Josias: Practically. In the original
first draft everything started from a battle. It was when I was protecting a
prince but the only way the story can go is if there is a battle.

                Jadice: I’m remaining optimistic. No
blood shed.

Interviewer: If that
is everyone we’ll continue. Have a favorite season?

                Abigail: Mid-Summer

                James: Have to agree with her. We have
some of our best adventures then.

                Frick Waite: No preference.

                Jadice: Not really a favorite season as
much as a favorite place.

                Josias: Autumn definitely.

Interviewer: Your
best friend?

                Jadice and Josias: Morain *look
at each other in confusion*

Interviewer: Must be
a very good man.

                James: Joshua would be my best friend I
guess but I have many friends that it is hard to decide on just one.

                Abigail: Same here, I would say either
Julia or Rose but I have so many.

                Frick Waite: No never trust anyone.
That includes your author… (still offended at only being in the idea pile.)

Interviewer: How
about hobbies?

                Josias: I like to shoot

                Jadice: I couldn’t live
without my horse Lily.

                James: I collect coins

                Abigail: I… You collect coins? Since

                James: *laughs* Just because we are in the same series doesn’t mean you know
everything about me!

                Abigail: Humm… I like to draw and

                Frick Waite: *Still holding his spy
glass, examines his pant leg up close.*

Interviewer: I guess
we’ll keep moving.* Takes her eye off of Frick Waite, smiling amusingly.* What
are you going to do when this tag is over?

                Frick Waite: Find a really
good case and get my story out of the idea pile!

                Abigail: That is the spirit! I’ll
probably see what I can learn about coins that makes them so fascinating.
*There is a twinkle in her eyes as she smiles*

                James: You’re so nosy. Can’t anyone
have a private life! *takes a deep breath* I’m going to go make sure our shack
hasn’t collapsed.             

What is your eye

                Everyone: *looking into the
eyes of the person next to them. It is pretty unclear.*

                Abigail: The author used to have all
that stuff figured out for all twelve of us. Now she doesn’t think it is that
important until she actually gets a complete first draft written out for at
least one of our adventures.

                James: Something about being too close
to us. *glares at Abigail*

                Frick Waite: *stuff his magnifying
glass back into his pocket.*

Interviewer: Okay
then… Are you good? Or bad?

                James: We are definitely good.

                Frick Waite: I solve other people’s problems,
which would be good.

                Jadice: I think you forgot to invite
any villains.

                Everyone:  *laughs*

Interviewer: What is
your greatest fear?

                Jadice: That I won’t be able
to stop the battle coming and that my father won’t get better. Also that
someone will learn my secret.

                Josias: That I won’t be accepted.

                Frick Waite:  I’ll never get a chance to
crack my first real case. Spiders.

                James: That we will never be able to
stop sleek slipper in time to save the universe.

                Jadice, Josias, and Frick Waite:  *turn and stare*

                Frick Waite: New you were a strange
pair. Didn’t I say?

                Jadice: A universe rests in your hands
and your sitting at an interview?

                Abigail: That is a work in progress. Besides
we have a good idea where the bad guy is he just has to stop being so slippery.

Interviewer: What do
you think of your parents?

                Josias: In my case it is
what does he think of me? Which is, he doesn’t care that I exist.

                Jadice: That isn’t true! You should
have stayed he needed you. *she frowns grumpily* Father is terribly sick and he
isn’t thinking right. I think that at one time he must have been the best king
we ever had.

                Josias: She wasn’t there. She doesn’t

                Abigail: My Mom works really hard to
keep us all together since Dad died. *tears up*

                James: *puts an arm around Abigail* my
parents are really great. They know how to pull each other back up during the
hard times.

                Frick Waite: Don’t have parents… at least
I don’t know them.. anything about them that is.

Interviewer: Almost
done folks. Any siblings?

                Jadice: Two brothers, although
I don’t find out about them until later. My family life is pretty secretive to
me. I have a twin.

                Josias: I’ve a half-sister. Wait. A
twin? When’d this happen?

                Jadice: It is on paper. It is a last
part of the story that isn’t in the rewrite yet. Yeah you won’t have met him
yet. It is all Zairgain’s fault. I’ll tell you about it later.

                Abigail: There are quite a few of us.

                James: My friends are my siblings.

                Abigail: James had a brother who died
in a car accident which helped bring our group together.

                Frick Waite: My family life is of no one’s

Interviewer: Was it
fun to answer all these questions?

                Frick Waite: Actually I could have told
you a lot of these things before we even started.

                Josias: It is a new experience. I’m not
usually this open.

                James: Same here.

                Abigail: It is great getting to know

                Jadice: Something’s should just be left
alone but I always have questions I want answered. This has been fun.

Interviewer: Great! Do
you have any weaknesses?

                Abigail: I have to know everything about everyone.

                Jadice: Keeping secrets.

                Josias: A natural distrust for people.

                James: Pain

                Frick Waite: Refuse to answer this.

Your favorite

                James: Fire

                Abigail: Water

                Jadice: Wind

                Josias: Earth

                Frick Waite: Earth. All the
other ones mess with my cases.

Do you care what
others think of you?

Abigail: Yes.      

James: Only some people.

Frick Waite: People will think what they want no matter what.

Josias: At the beginning of the story I did but I don’t care too
much. I guess there are a few people.

Jadice: I care.

Interviewer: How
about your theme song? Anything the author listens to while writing your tale.

                Jadice: Anything calming and peaceful. Water noises, nature sound
traks, LOTR and other music without words.

                James: Same here.

                Frick Waite: Church bells. Church bells
started my idea.

 Interviewer: Last question here.
What’s your species?

                Jadice: This interview is
too personal.

                Josias: She is an elf. She
is afraid to let anyone know she is different. Has to do with the family
history that Father has hide from her. I’m human

                Abigail: Human

                James: Human

                Frick Waite: Human

If you would like to follow my trail of blog surfing and read a few other Character Interviews the sites are as follows. (There are some really great writers out there with some really super characters!)

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  1. Ohhhh so wonderful! I liked getting to know your characters more! Frick Waite has issues, but I think he is hilarious!

    Comment by Mariah | July 13, 2011 | Reply

    • This was incredible fun! At first everyone seemed really shy. Then I just let them go and have at it. 🙂 It is really long though. Started it after lunch and didn’t finish it until after bed time! Of course I had thing to do in between.
      Frick Waite is an idea my sister had but I didn’t like the direction she took her story so I decided to rewrite it and see what I came up with. I got this idea while cleaning and painting someones house. Just happened to be as I heard these church bells. It was a completely different direction and the only thing the characters have in common is their first and last initial. I think Frick is pretty offended that I have left him for so long and that he hasn’t got more than a handful of pages…
      This helped give me a refresher of some of my characters and I learned a little more about them. I’m going to try and do a bit of story writing today. Now that I can see where thing are coming from!

      Comment by joyofdawn | July 13, 2011 | Reply

  2. It took me forever to write it too! Off and on all day!

    Comment by Mariah | July 13, 2011 | Reply

  3. HAHAH; this pingbacked to me on my site!!! =D SO fun!!! Thanks for doing this! =)

    Comment by Mirriam | July 18, 2011 | Reply

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