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Chick Braces

Now tell me what would you do if you had two chicks born that couldn’t walk? I’d never heard of such a thing until two of our four new chicks couldn’t stand on their own two feet. It was pathetic and made me sick to see them suffer like that but none of us had the heart to put them down. Especially when they’d fought so hard to get out of their shells in the first place. Wether it was a matter of putting them on slippery newspaper or a vitamin deficiency Mom finally saved the day.

Whenever anything is wrong with any of our animals Mom pops up the good old Google search and starts digging. There is no way of knowing what she will find or what she is willing to try. Sometimes I’m pretty sure it is the craziest thing EVER and there is simple NO WAY it will work.

This is proof that I am totally wrong! I went to pick my sister up from work today and Mom calls my cell. “Pick up some pipe cleaners at Wal-Mart from the craft section.”

Immediately I said to myself, “Those poor chicks.” See Mom doesn’t do many crafts these days and I knew she’d been at her research again… Yesterday she’d been trying to wrap up the chicks legs with strips of cloth. Chicks are squirmmy with only bones and fluff so it didn’t turn out so well.

When I brought home the pipe cleaners I helped her wrap them around their legs like leg braces. It looks really funny but you know they aren’t screaming out in pain (who knew chickens could scream?) and are kind of up on their own two feet. Before their legs were sprawled out like Bambi’s on the ice, now they are learning how to pick themselves up and waddle around. Not that they don’t fall down face first but they are a lot (sound a lot) better.

Oh and here is a site that has these crazy chick helps… Raising Chicks

P.S. Unfortunately these two didn’t end up making it. They were doing really good! We think it may have been the vitamin supplement we were giving them… 😦


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  1. Awww poor babies!!! That’s so sad…
    Chick braces? Wow, that is weird!
    You think the vitamin helped or didn’t?

    Comment by Mariah | August 5, 2011 | Reply

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