Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Thy word IS a lamp

Sometimes I forget, sometimes it is just lack of desire, sometimes I’m just unwilling to surrender, but every time it is a disappointment to Him. Every time it is a failure on my part to do what I know is right. Maybe it isn’t everyday the same thing but it is there and I know it. It is sin. When I remember, when I find a renewed desire, when I choose to surrender, I can smile because I know the one who knows best is smiling too. It isn’t easy, I’ll never be perfect, yet that isn’t what I’ve been promised. Each time I win, He wins, and that whispering voice of temptation, that sly fox the Satan loses. Then I have a real reason to Praise God. Just to please the Father and grow one step closer to Him.

There is this really good preacher at my brother’s – friend’s church. (ok how does the grammar work on that sentence…) Last night he spoke on sin, tonight on holiness and both nights he has given me plenty of reminders on where things should be. Why they should be. So tonight I’m going to try a little harder. Tonight I’m going to start things a little different. I’ve already committed my twenty-first year to trying new things and stepping out of mt comfort zone. It isn’t easy and my courage level for new things isn’t very high… not very high at all.

Somethings are coming along great. Thanks to Mariah my story is getting a reboot. If it wasn’t for her I’d still be trying to fit pieces together instead of just writing it all out from the beginning and place the pieces in as they come along.

Nanny-ing is great! The little man I’m watching is super cute, just learning words, building towers to knock down, and getting himself on a schedule. Totally completely beats the standing in Wal-Mart job, not that I hated it… I didn’t… I really liked it. In comparison, this is so much sweeter. It isn’t always sugar, spice, and all things nice but it just makes those times all the sweeter. 🙂 I’m glad this opportunity came along!!

Canning and freezing has been coming and going through the end of summer and this very apparent fall weather. Tomatoes, peaches, corn, green peppers, meat chicken and cumcumber-red hot cinnamon pickles are most of what we’ve done this far just waiting for apples and that pumpkin or two. As far as I know that is it… Never know what comes along! 😉

So many exciting things happening!! One of my friends gets married next month, another is pregnant due in May!! Super excited about that.

As for me I had a birthday and turned twenty-one (but whose counting…) For me that means my permitted brother can drive with me and that I can type my story on this super sweet laptop my parents gave me!! I already devoured the chocolate bar! Yes, I shared…. It was really nice to have the family together for a few hours that morning to celebrate! We all have jobs and it seems no one is all together at the same time. Makes the times when we are so much better!!

“But I trusted in thee, O Lord: I said, Thou art my God.” Psalm 31:14

P.S. I can almost smell the hot chocolate… 😀


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  1. Happy birthday girly!
    Nanny-ing sounds so fun!

    Comment by Mariah | September 28, 2011 | Reply

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