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Quitting NaNo

Yeah not really a title I’m proud of… Not really a good start for my laptop’s reputation. 🙂 Though it is a necessary move. Completely can’t stand the story i started and I’ve never ever been like this with a story. All of them have hopes, plans, dreams, rewrites, edits, proof readers, all envisioned for a future date. This story isn’t going anywhere. It has taught me a good lesson though. First, write what you love. Don’t start a project that you can’t stomach the thought of working on or reading later. Second, that there are somethings I can’t write and I’ll know when they come at me.

I always feel like these things I write down have their place in my life and that one day they will fit into someone elses too. Even if it is only my family and best friends. This story gives me hope that all the things I envision came come true. Why? Because that hunch may just be right after all.

I’m not terribly disappointed. I’m glad to have spare time to sew and get a head start on Christmas present. By the time Christmas arrives I should have plenty of time to bake those cookies. Don’t think I’ve quite writing. No, my rewrite project is right back at the top of the list of hobbies! Wouldn’t believe how much I could miss a story after putting it down for two weeks.

By the way the hot cocoa count was like four or five cups!


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  1. I’m sorry and happy. Sorry you had to stop and hated the story so much. Happy that you realized that it wasn’t right for you.

    Comment by Mariah | November 23, 2011 | Reply

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