Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Happy 2012!

What amazing things will happen this coming year? I’m not talking about what cool movie or Tv series will come out. (Not that I wouldn’t look forward to any of those. 🙂 ) I mean what does God have in mind. What does He want to teach and show me? Will I listen? What is around the corner? What will happen in my twenty-first year? I’ll turn twenty-two towards the end of the year.  That will be cool! I always wanted to be twenty-two. Something about it always fascinated me. I’m sure it will be fantastic. 🙂

This past year…

An amazing family Christmas

Owning my own car

Taking my friends out shopping

Going out to eat at a Chinese restaurant for the first time

Going out by myself to eat with a friend for the first time

Having an awesome pen-pal

Quitting a job


discovering how wonderful cocoa can be if you add flavored coffee creamers

or adding marshmallows cool-whip and two dashes of cinnamon… Amazing!

My sister graduating and going to work

my brother fixing my car (and knowing what he’s talking about even when it sounds slightly mechanical/greek? 🙂 )

hitting a raccoon 😦

Reading the last book of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini… Finally!!

owning my own laptop

owning a fish

Greek yogurt is amazing with granola

Yeah, it has been a pretty cool year. 🙂

Praise Him who knows best!

Blessings and a very Happy New Years to all of you!



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