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I was re-tagged by Carol @orthodoxmom3 and Thea @speaknow16 so I will be answering both of them in this one post. 🙂

The Rules:

1) Post these rules.

2) Post 11 random things about yourself

3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post

4) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer

5) Go to their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged

6) No cop-outs in the tagging section like, “If you are reading this” or “if you follow me”. You have to legitimately tag people!

I followed the rules in the first one but since I am doing it again I am breaking rule six. If you want to do this tag, please do and let me know in the comments! I’d love to read your answers!

11 random facts about Me … Okay I’m going to stick with 11 ’cause I don’t think I could come up with twenty-two. 🙂

1)  I’m listening to music by Abigail Miller as I write this post.

2) I play my violin mostly by ear.

3)  I can read music only a little.

4) For my next instrument I’d love to have a guitar

5) Always think I should frame calendar pictures but I never do.

6) I most often wear my hair in a braid.

7)  My father once took me to a baseball game when I was like five. All I can remember is the double exposed pictures we have with the ball game in the background of my sister jumping into a pile of Autumn leaves. 🙂

8) Flowers make my heart smile.

9) Love to see a lighthouse in person.

10) Enjoy eating a variety of breakfast food in the morning but my favorite is oatmeal or muffin.

11) Once I was a Baptist now I just love my Lord.

My Questions For You (from orthodoxmom3)

1.)   What’s your earliest memory?

A bad dream I had with dark images and living dinosaurs. I think it was the first and only night I slept walked.

2. )  What is your favorite fiction book?

I’ve read and love so many… Hidden Years by John Oxenham. It is about what may have happened during the years of Jesus’ life that are unrecorded in the Bible. It was neat to see another persons idea of what may have happened and why that may have helped give the result of events that we read in the Bible.

3. )  What is your favorite fiction movie?

The Two Towers from Lord Of the Rings


from movie posters


The Black Pearl of Pirates Of The Caribbean


from Entertainment Weekly

4.)  What is something your afraid of?

Being in others way. I don’t like to interfere with people’s lives, I’d much rather stand back and watch them then be in the way. Though I still enjoy being a part of their lives.

5.)   What is your favorite quote and who said it?

Well I don’t really have a favorite but here is an interesting one I heard recently.

“There is no greater power than an imagination unleashed.”  ~ Mr. Able Jennings

Season 2 Episode 8 The Lantern Man ~ Little Men

Little MenPic from Amazon

6.)    If you had to be stuck on an island with just three people for the rest of your life with no other humans, who would you pick and why?

Veronica, ’cause she is my sis and we can get through anything. Becca, my sister ’cause I’m not sure I could live without her, and her friend Lila… she could make us all laugh no matter what. (I didn’t think very much like a survivor though 🙂

7.)   What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Graduating from school or making my own herb garden…

8.)  What is your favorite place to visit?

My imagination! 🙂 Anywhere I can lay on the ground and stare up at a star-light sky… and not have to worry about chicken or some other critters leftovers.

9.)  What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Having everyone gather around the table for dinner. The noise of everyone talking, finally getting to eat, Dad praying…

10.)  What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Write and listen to music. On a snowy day… I’d drink hot chocolate! 🙂

11.)  If you could be anyone for just 24 hours, who would it be?

At the moment I’d be Louisa May Alcott, or the main character of my current story!

My 11 Questions: (from speaknow16)

1) What is/was your favorite subject in school?

Art or Reading 🙂 I really liked anything where I could write.

2) Favorite Actress?

Anne Hathaway or Amber Marshall from the Heartland Series

3)What was your favorite Vacation?

We didn’t have many vacations… Once we went to Niagara Falls that was really neat. I think the one camping trip we took beats it to the top of the list. It is a longgggg crazy story. Mountain lions and almost killing myself…

4) What was your most memorable childhood memory?

I was once found napping under a neighbor’s bush with my ‘blanky’ and doll when I was like 7 or 8. We were having a ‘picnic’ (which consisted of a banana)… and trying to get away from my siblings for an afternoon. Another neighbor called my parents and Dadda came and got me. It was all too funny and cute for them that they didn’t punish me. Although they did tell me it was rather dangerous and I shouldn’t do it again.

5) Favorite Color?

Blue, purple, green, and silver

6) Do you call it Soda or Pop?

Soda although I;ve always thought that Pop sounded cool

7) Favorite Season? (Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring)


8) Favorite Movie?

Eww! I’ll say Eragon because I was debating with that one earlier. 🙂

Eragon MovieFrom Wikia

9) Favorite store to shop at?

Well there is always Wal-Mart… 🙂 Lately I’ve been enjoying shopping on Amazon. Most of all, I like to visit the candy store and bookstore in Wellsboro.

10) Shoes or barefoot?

Shoes definitely and socks! 🙂

11)Favorite Author?

Oh…. I really enjoy Gail Carson Levine. Although Dave and Neta Jackson have written some neat things. Frank Peretti wrote a really great kids series that I enjoyed now he writes some pretty creepy stuff. 😀 Not sure I can pick one favorite…

These two have posed some great questions so I’m not even going to try to think about eleven more! This post has taken quite a while. So now I’ve totally ruined the rules. 🙂 There you are friends 11 random facts + the answers to 22 questions about myself. 🙂


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  1. I love love love Johnny Depp! He’s an amazing actor and I love Pirates of the Carribean, but Orlando Bloom? He makes me think “pip-squeak”.

    Comment by Mariah | March 30, 2012 | Reply

    • Me too! One of my best friends is just obsessed with him at times. As for Orlando Bloom he may be just that but I love his hat in the picture! 🙂

      Comment by joyofdawn | March 30, 2012 | Reply

  2. I loved reading your answers…I like learning about you and getting to know you a little better. An additional note in regard to one of your answers above….I hope you are not ‘afraid’ to be a part of our lives….we consider you an extra family member and hope you feel at ease around us and feel free to take part in all that we do. We enjoy having you here….and not just because of all you do for Alexander. 🙂 So don’t feel you need to hide in the shadows, okay? We love you!

    Comment by orthodoxmom3 | March 30, 2012 | Reply

    • Okay. 🙂 You are a great family and I enjoy being around! ❤

      Comment by joyofdawn | March 30, 2012 | Reply

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