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Spring, Showers, Recital, Babies, and Carless

Hello out there! Enjoying the weather? I’m loving the new splurge of warmth coming through. We had a bout of snow and it reminded me of just how crazy Spring weather really can be. Trees are sprouting leaves. Flowers are budding… blooming. Frost might finally be over. MIGHT.. see that there. Might finally be over. I thought that before. 🙂

Oh, showers aren’t the storm kind… although we are getting some of those too. Just this morning it was raining. No one of my best friends recently had a baby shower. Someone from church had a bridal shower. My pen-pal had her bridal shower. An I’m pretty sure I’m in for another baby shower or two before too long. It is exciting just seeing all the new developments in people’s lives taking place. New families starting and growing… like flowers in the early spring.

My sister was part of a duet with a friend of ours who was taking part in a recital. they were both very excited and VERY nervous but they had a blast the whole time. The video came out pretty good. My brothers camera is awesome!!

We have soooo many babies at the farm. Two batches of bunnies, the meat birds aren’t so small anymore, and there are goats on the way! Probably pretty soon. We suspect that one of our goats maybe having twins and there is the possibility that one of our other goats could be pregnant. She is such a big goat and we have had little success with her in the past that it is hard to know whether or not has is going to have any babies. We are all excited for them to come.

An yup, this is me still carless from my telephone pole incident… My brother is working pretty hard on getting me a new vehicle. I’m afraid I may be a bit picky… Besides there is still the issue of money. So I am enjoying the hospitality of my friends and family when it comes to getting and going places. fortunately everyone has been very generous! To which I am extremely grateful!


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