Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Just a little of the long list


It has been a while…. too long in fact. Today is the perfect day to write a post though. I’m at the Country Trader Antiques…. It is morning and usually slow up until lunch time. In-fact I can sometimes watch a movie without having to worry about anyone showing up. However I’ve taken to checking Facebook, E-mail, and Pinterest, along with blog reading. Last time I had a friend with me, which was a lot of fun. We went out and had ice-cream afterwards as a reward. 🙂

It isn’t quite lunch time but I’m bored and hungry so I’m warming my food up anyway. It is sweet and sour chicken I made about two nights ago. I really liked the recipe I used this time and I’m a fan of sweet and sour. Pineapples, green peppers, ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, and Worcestershire Sauce!

Meanwhile I’m waiting for a call from my mom and my music needs changed.

Lately I’ve helping or doing most of the morning animal/farm chores. Which has been nice. It gives me something to wake up and do in the morning and sets me up for a more organized/scheduled lifestyle.  Really I don’t mind taking care of the animals… just don’t tell my family 😉 We have some little chicks who are running around with their mother hen. They are so  adorable and if nothing else makes me smile in the morning, the sight of them does.

My laptop was recently sent clear to Texas to be repaired by ACER. I felt a little lost and out of touch without it. Not that I wasn’t so busy I didn’t really have time to be on it anyway. Now I can’t wait to add to my story with my new keyboard!

Yesterday I went to help a friend in the kitchen of a Christian Camp. She helps with the breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner for those that are camping or doing activities there. It is a beautiful camp! The view is awesome. It was a lot of fun helping her prepare food. We had a chance to chat. It just wasn’t something I usually do and I enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll find the chance to go and help out again!

Afterward I helped my mom and a friend of our paint a house my parents are working on for a person who hire them. My neck is sore from rolling the paint! I love how soothing it is to paint and everything is so much more fun to do when you’re doing it with friends. They are painting just about every room in the house and have been at it for a little while. Of course they went through and cleaned it first. Then there is cutting in the paint and rolling it out on the walls. Plus they get to take out the carpets. Quite a bit of work their putting in! It is going to look really nice when they are all done.

Every project they complete teaches us a new lesson, whether it is about business or scrapping or recycling or even how much we SHOULD charge next time we do a-job-like-this-one.  This time we are getting a lesson on painting or at least I am. Even though the same tan color is being put up in every room it has a slightly different shade. The change comes from the original wall color and the lighting of the room. So in one room the color is lighter because of the dark walls and the natural light coming through the windows. In another room with white walls and a dim ceiling light the room’s new color is much darker. It is interesting to see the differences.

Just past noon. There have been a few people in and out. Only three sales and I’m starting to get bored. I’ve changed the music again which helps. I’ve only told you so little of what I’ve been doing and there is so much. Just don’t ask me what because my entire mind goes blank and I can’t think.

As for future plans… well, besides taking it one day at a time I haven’t quite made up my mind on anything yet. 🙂


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