Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


Again it is Friday… I ate this awesome chicken sandwich and been munching and carrots. I’m wishing I could rub a few coins together and buy some chocolate but… well really I don’t need it and I’m on this no spending spree, unless it is necessary and/or needful to help out others. I’m trying to save my pennies until I get myself straightened out and decide where I’m headed next.

Besides if I was going to buy something there is this really cute apron that has me wishing I had a sewing machine. I’ve got to ask my sister if I can borrow hers until my mom gets ours fixed… If it is even fixable 😦 I’m dying to sew! Really my inspiration and imagination are melting down, focusing on the new shelf filled with fabric projects that are started and want to be started or should have been done already…  My desk is begging to be cleared off and equipped with a sewing machine. Sigh!

I’ve been blog reading this morning. All those ones I’ve added to my Blogger reading list… I’ve one more blog to visit before I feel done. First was my pen-pal’s blog post, which I couldn’t pass up. Then was a humorous post put up by a momma who usually makes me smile or laugh. Although I was most intrigued by a post put up by Peacefulwife’s Blog. Which I tagged and figured I’d look into later… I do more of that then I’d care to admit… In fact there is a blog I desperately need to take off my reader because I never ever look at it. That is for another time…

Anyway, I found that I really enjoyed reading her post as it pointed out some things I hadn’t seen before. There are things we have a habit of saying to help make ourselves understood and these things always lead to an argument although I couldn’t ever understand why. I just knew there was something I was doing that turning people off. A Dissection of a Disrespectful Conversation is definitely worthy of reading. Like anything else I don’t necessarily agree with every post or everything written on this blog but I have found it to be quite insightful a number of times.

After I finish up this post I’m off to read several posts put up by Gail Carson Levine. She wrote a creativity writing book that I found very helpful. Then I discovered she had a blog full of helpful writing tidbits to accompany her book. Yup, I was hooked. 🙂

Meanwhile I’m still munching on carrots and trying to drink my liquids. Believe it or not I’m half wishing I’d worn a sweater or long sleeves. This rain has cooled the weather right down… I’m NOT complaining!

Tomorrow a friend of mine is having a Pampered Chef and a Princess House Party. Both of which she is using as a fundraiser for her son and his wife’s family. Their home burnt to the ground a week or so ago. They lost everything. It is pretty sad. Fortunately they were all safe and for that we praise the Lord! It is always a blessing to see how kind a community of people can be! Friends, neighbors, relatives,  and even those no one even knows join together, I think that is what is at the truest heart of humanity.

So I’m back to the realty that this post is about to end and this shop is about to become even slower…. I’ve those posts to read and then maybe a movie or more story writing. My sister wants to join in the NaNo fun this November. I have some spare creating to think about since I’ve decided not to let her go at it alone.

Carrot anyone?

Carrot anyone?


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