Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Positive Spam

It is Friday… again. 🙂 Can’t believe the week went by so fast! Although some days seemed amazingly long… due to working in the heat…

Anyway it has been a busy day here at the shop. It is like two and I’m just getting to lunch! Leftover chicken meat pie, I am such a fan. Chicken, veggies, gravy, and light flaky pie crust… what more could I ask for!?! I’m drinking something my sister brought me… Not exactly healthy in only 5% fruit juice… What is Crystalline Fructose? It is better than nothing although water wouldn’t have been bad for the way it tastes… Hey at least I’m not dehydrating! 🙂

So if I haven’t been drawing, I’ve been selling stuff. Not even enough time for a movie. However things have died down since I was able to pull out my lunch. I don’t need to sit down in behind the counter today, so people won’t watch me eat when they walk by. Paranoid I know…

Tonight I’m supposed to make pizza. Dad is asking… almost begging 🙂 If my sister hasn’t made the crust for me, it will be a late dinner. Nobody minds leftover pizza at my house. 😀 Then mom is thinking of roast and sauerkraut and potatoes. Love menu ideas!

Soooooooooooooo……. Totally want to go blueberry picking again! I might just have to go by myself… which isn’t much fun at all. If you have never had blueberry coffee cake then you are completely missing out. an if the secret ingredient is sour cream… well I’m just not going to go there! 😉 We are also way low on jam at our house. Blueberry jam is the best next to strawberry of course. Raspberry and Tripleberry come in very close. As for peach and apple butters well they are a completely different scale.

Saturday evening there was an accident outside the house. A pickup truck was hauling a trailer, one of those flat-bed ones they use for carrying things about, coming across the highway. A car was coming down the highway… The car hit the end of the trailer and went up over it into the ditch, making the trailer fly around into our front yard. Any closer an it could have taken out the front room! Fortunately no one was hurt! We lost a tree, which is scary since they are kind of like protectors around our house  from cars flying into us! Dad plans on replanting as soon as the insurance company makes it out to see the pictures and damage.

Yesterday there was a nasty storm that came through. We only got rain and wind but some people had tornadoes in surrounding areas. Some people lost power but I’m guessing it could all have been much worse. The goats were enjoying the fallen branches this morning.

The music is one mix and repeat so I don’t have to keep changing the CD. My MP3 player needs to charge and I need to fix the music on it which got all messed up some how. Probably something while pocket traveling… The music  is classical praise which means it is hymns played with the piano and violin in a classical manner. It is beautiful and inspirational.

So every time I get on to blog I check the spam folder on my dashboard. There is always something in there. If it isn’t someone promoting a product or website then it doesn’t hit the spam folder. I usually find myself smiling when I scan the comments. Most of which want to be posted to my Guest Book page. They say how informative my ‘website’ or post is. How long they have been looking for said information… Many times they is a link or some obvious miss spelling or grammar issues. Every once in a while I wonder whether or not the comment is genuine. There is always one thing I notice… None of the spam has anything negative to say about my blog. Like if they are nice I’ll let the junk mail through. 🙂 So if the spam isn’t good for anything else… It make for a smile and a laugh!

Happy Friday! Enjoy a safe weekend!



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