Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


Sauce, rich and think and spicy! Pasta, that doesn’t curl around the fork a billion times. Meat, ground browned and seasoned. With buttered and/or garlic bread and a bit of Parmesan sprinkled over the entire thing! Oh yes! Great lunch!

There isn’t too much to say other then the music desperately needed changed. I’ve been listening to abiding radio on iTunes since I found it yesterday morning. I didn’t know there were radio channels on there! So awesome!  Thus when my MP3 player is playing the same CD all morning… I was excited to remember to turn it to the radio!

I’ve brought so much to work on yet there is only one place I want to go… Deep into my story. So as soon as I leave you I’m going there! 🙂

My first Pastor and his wife stopped by the house Tuesday. It was really nice to be able to see them. It had been such a long time! We’ve been invited to Maryland. My sister is thinking of a trip sometime next year… Could be exciting! I’m always amazed at how much people change and yet don’t change. Every person is molding and morphing and evolving all the time so that the person we meet each time we see them is slightly different from the person we met last time. It really is interesting.

Mom has finished up that house we were painting and cleaning… FINALLY! I’m soo super glad to be done. It was feeling too much like a second home. 🙂 Now the carpet people can go through. It will be neat to see it all finished after so much work.

The sun has effected my hands again… I have those little bumps back. Doesn’t help that I forgot both my lotion and  my hat yesterday. In the morning Mom and I went to do some lawn care/landscaping for someone we know. Pulling weeds, trimming bushes, edging, and a bit of planting. As soon as I got home I went for a shower. Gross. Then, after a trip to drop my brother off at work (long story that is pretty boring), the girls went and picked blueberries. Since the season is nearly over and it takes FOREVER for me to talk anyone into going when we have a time slot, it will probably be the last pick of the year. Thus we did our best to fill our buckets. The flies and bugs were so very annoying! Although I was glad to be out there. The thing I was able to think of! Oh, my…

I’ve been sewing!! I have baby-shower gifts I’m sewing up. They are going to be so cool! They are my night activity and when I can slip in a few minutes in the morning. It is so great having my own room…

Anyway! Have a great weekend! Enjoy some sunshine!


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