Joy Of Dawn

Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy


This is going to be a quick post…. Seems I left my laptop cord at home. 🙂 My laptop says it has and hour and a half of power left… I could probably squeeze a few more minutes out of it. However I’m running the music off of my iTunes so that will help me drain the power.

The peaches are in! Mom and I were doing them up last night. She was up much later/earlier than I was. I knew that there was NO way I could be here at the shop if I didn’t get some sleep! When I left home this morning Mom was doing up some peach preserves! An finishing  up the pickles…

So here I am sitting at the shop wishing I was home canning… Which is crazy right!?!

Guess what is in my lunch pail! 🙂 Peaches and a sandwich… Sandwiches are naturally boring… I tried to perk mine up with a tomato that the farmer market guy gave us… We’ll see come lunch time. 🙂

My Uncle passed away… Well he is actually my Mom’s Uncle… So however that works out. I wasn’t real close but I know he will be missed. He had a stroke some years ago which made him entirely dependent upon his family. I’ve always imagined what that must be like for them from both points of view. The only thing I could figure was that my Aunt must be a very strong woman!

It is raining and I have a load of stuff to bring into the shop… Thanks to us cleaning out the house! It is looking so much better! 🙂  So I’ll go and see if I can’t get any of those items in as the rain slows…


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