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X-Box and Coins

Ugh! My calves are so sore! Dadda bought us an X-Box for Christmas… It is kind of one of those presents people get for someone else even though it will be rather useful to themselves. 🙂 We had some fun with it a couple of weeks after Christmas once we actually got the house picked back up and the gadget plugged in.

Well we were back at it again two days ago. Mom turned it one and popped in this adventure game. It has these courses one goes through to gather these coins. Some of them are individual and others are team. No matter which they are a ton of fun! One doesn’t realize that two days later she could still be feeling the after effects of all that jumping and dodging! Of course I was doing a lot of going up and down the staircase yesterday, I was carrying some things up to my room… Okay so it was quite a few things! I had to clear out my hope chest so I can sand it and get the process of restoring it under way. Now everything is under my bed…

Anyhow I’m sure that didn’t help any! 🙂 I can’t wait to get the chance to play again! You should have heard my Mom laughing… It was great! Even Dadda joined us… while he was supposed to be taking a nap so he could go to work that evening. Definitely more entertaining than a movie. 😀

Lunch menu: Peaches… finishing up the jars that didn’t seal or seemed suspicious. Sandwich… plain butter and jelly. Cucumbers… Our garden is producing more than we can handle so no one will miss the one I took. 😉

Music: Is from my MP3 player again. I have it playing a guitar! I so badly want to play guitar!! I NEED a guitar. 🙂 It was playing a soundtrack from a game or something like that earlier. I’m thinking I’ll change it to something Irish or Celtic in a little while.

Someone came into the shop today and bought three old coins… he paid for them in Quarters! $15.00 in Quarters!! I thought it was funny! Some people do that on occasion. We did have a girl come in a few summers ago and buy things for gifts. She’d ride down on her bicycle and pay for an item in change. I always thought that was pretty sweet. She’d done random chores for her mom and neighbors then used the money to buy toy cars for her brother’s birthday.

Love it when children buy something and bring the exact change to the counter… only for me to throw them completely off when the item they are buying is on sale! 🙂 They get the strangest faces! Some of them look from me to the extra change like what am I supposed to do with that? Others go buy the other thing they wanted but didn’t have quite enough for. The rest of them shove the remaining change in their pockets… Sometimes I’m sure I can see a piggy bank in their eyes. 🙂 Everything is so calculated for most of them. An I enjoy throwing rings into their calculations… Only when it comes out to their good of course. It just stinks when someone doesn’t bring enough to the counter… I’ve thrown in a quarter here and there… Shhh… They never know.

Looks rainy again today… Which is good for the plants. Now it is cool enough to leave the windows open… except for I can’t because I never know if it will rain before I can get to my bedroom. So I leave it open when I can but my room is so warm right now. With it being so cool outside I don’t want to turn the air conditioner on! The fan is running most of the time but with out the AC on or the window open it does little good. Some reason it wakes me up at night an scares me… I don’t know what that is about.

Reorganized my room yesterday. The sewing stuff is nice and neat. The scrap-booking stuff is in a nice hidden spot and only one tote plus a tote of ribbon remains out in the open. Working on that! … slowly… My writing stuff is condensed to one shelf… thanks to a few old/new binders that my Mom was going to throw out but were still in good shape. Recycling? PLUS!!! I got to sweep all those dust bunnies into the trash can… Which I then promptly emptied! 🙂 It was a good day in which I got TONS done…. and not just in my room!

More interesting news coming soon! Maybe pictures too…


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  1. I miss our days of working in an antique store. It was usually rather interesting, but there were some boring days….. I like reading your posts. I’ll have to try posting again soon myself. Alexander misses you. He still calls the spare room Amber’s room. He and Keegan were playing with the matchbox cars in there sometimes and he calls them ‘Amber’s cars”…. I thought maybe I should call you to tell you to come clean up your cars! 😉 lol
    Hope all is well!

    Comment by organicmom | August 17, 2012 | Reply

    • lol That is funny! He is such a cute little man. When we get my car on the road I will have to pay a visit! Maybe I can pick up my cars then… 😉 Have a great weekend!

      Comment by joyofdawn | August 17, 2012 | Reply

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