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Each new day shows His grace, love, and mercy

Monday… Slow and rainy

Mondays aren’t always slow and they aren’t always rainy but this one is. An why am I posting today? Have I found some moment to spare with you? Well……… After a week of canning tomatoes until late into the night and early mornings, I deserve a break right? Actually I am here at the antique shop. 🙂 It was a surprise offer from the lady who runs the place. She had been working a few days in a row and needed the day off to hang out with her husband… How does a bored girl refuse such a request? 😉 Okay and she offered to pay me. Not that I wasn’t the least bit ready to escape any possible tomato duties.

Sauce, Salsa, Diced and Juice, I can’t believe there are so many things to be done with a tomato. Those things are amazing. At the beginning of Summer the only thing I wanted was a big ripe tomato from the garden to put on my sandwich. Now I’m feeling like I don’t want to see another tomato til at least next year… Maybe never. 🙂

Besides tomatoes… Mom and I have been making menus and weekly grocery lists. It has been great. One visit to the store and maybe another later in the week for an item we didn’t realize we’d need… Like tomato paste for canning or the peanut butter I didn’t remember to write down…. It has been great knowing what is the planned meal of the day. Or knowing what we have food for. (Okay yeah I throw out all the English and Grammar rules when I write blog posts…. It is a free writing thing… So I don’t take the time to think about how I should reword things so they are proper. Sorry about that.)

Most of the morning I was catching up on blog posts and Facebook. I’m supposed to be finishing a letter. An my music is driving me crazy today. Worst of all… The new Doctor Who episode is out and I haven’t been able to watch it yet!!! Although I heard it is on BBC’s webpage. Pond Life from BBC tells a bit of what happened with Amy and Rory between the last episode and the new one. All five parts of that is on BBC’s page and fortunately I was able to tease myself with those.

Mom and I have figured out how to connect a laptop to the TV so we can watch things on the big screen instead of the laptop… Which is more for those of us who are half deaf and can’t hear much from the laptop speakers than it is for me. Which makes it so I have to wait to watch Doctor Who until we can all watch it together… Which isn’t so bad I guess…. 😉 (The inside of my head thinks there is something wrong with this picture 😀 )

Like I said… I have a letter to finish… Hopefully I can get it done up today… I wanted to send it out last week…. But then there were these red vegetables that invaded and it just wasn’t possible.

So I’ll leave to the rain… Good for the thought, I’ve heard… Also good for napping. 🙂



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